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A Praying Wife

A woman you can easily find but a praying wife, She is of a rare kind. She is not easily offended, mending all of your clothes Cooking and serving you faithfully although wondering At times if, you would amend your ways! Then in prayer, she will retreat only to discover that she Too have some…
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Have We Sinned?

The marketplace is all but empty: There are some traces of business operations but for the most part, there is a drought in the atmosphere. People are hurting and are at a loss for financial gain. Relationships and friendships are being severed exposing fear and doubt in the true and living God. Have we sinned…
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Abba Father hears your heart cries

In this life, filled with pain and strife it is so comforting to know that Abba, Father hears your heart cry. Hold on in all that you are walking through. Help is on the way. Be encouraged as you read! I hear your heart cries And see the tears as they flow From the depth…
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