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Can you touch Heaven?

Last Friday while talking to a friend, suddenly, I blurted out, can you touch heaven? Quickly, I said, do not answer that and began to pace the floor. Abba, Father was downloading Divine Revelations, which reminded me, vividly, of the time when the doctors said they could do nothing more for me and I found…
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Go Pro: Activate Dunamis Power

Definition of Dunamis: New Testament Greek Lexicon – Strength Power, ability. Inherent Power residing in a thing by virtue, or which a person or thing exerts and puts forth. Power for performing miracles. Over the years, my computer has suffered many vicious attacks by hackers, attackers which has resulted in the loss of valuable documents…
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The pain of separation

Seeds of Hope Nugget Definition of Separation: – Adjective: Detached, Disconnected, or Disjoined. The pain of separation comes in different degrees, but the pain is still the same. A young man and lady prepared to leave home for college abroad. The little boy who gets into the wrong bus, he momentarily feels the pain…
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911 Pray

Prayer is vital to our lives, and to be honest with you it is a struggle, especially very early in the morning. I remember my very first encounter in early morning prayer, I was praying but at some point did not know what I was praying, sleeping and praying: attempting to get up off my…
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