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Definition of suffocate (New Webster’s Dictionary): to oppress, smother. A few years ago, while I shampooed my hair and was about to rinse it, suddenly, a severe blow to the back of my neck caused everything in the room to spin and rapidly it felt as if I was losing consciousness. Instinctively, my hands gripped…
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The expecting Groom ran with excitement and opened the car door for his soon to be a bride. He did everything possible to impress her and made her feel loved and appreciated. Her response, he could do no wrong and she could hardly concentrate on her work because of daydreaming about her knight in shining…
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New Webster’s Dictionary Definition of Stripped: to remove medals, decorations, honours; to make something bare by taking away removable parts; to tear off. While en route to a distant land: I recalled the ticket agent saying, “You have to be strip searched!” My response was, “Why?” She replied, “You have been randomly chosen.” But this made…
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Your later years

There are times in your life, when you may feel like you are at a dead end, with no prospects in sight but God has a plan for your life and no matter what you have done or where you are now, your later years shall be better!! The second you were conceived in your…
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