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Nation’s 1600m relay legacy in a good way


It was really a scary moment. I watched the race. Steven Gardiner came into the curve of the 200 meters race at a high rate of speed. He was tight on the inside of his lane however and I believe it was a difficult negotiation for him. There was the slightest of break in stride.…
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National Sports Authority still struggles to maximize capacity

Lester Cox

The National Sports Authority (NSA) has been empowered by legislation to control a large portion of the Bahamas Sports Brand. Under the NSA’s jurisdiction is the multi-purpose Queen Elizabeth Sports Centre (QESP), one of the most comprehensive entities of its kind, not just in the Caribbean, but, throughout Latin America and indeed the West sector…
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Hail to our greatest swimmer, Arianna!


She has retired, but Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace stands head and shoulders above the rest. There have been high quality Bahamian swimmers down through the years, starting all the way back to a very early era when Sir Cyril Fountain was a champion; moving along to such as Ronnie Roberts, Andy Knowles, his son Jeremy Knowles, Alana…
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