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Govt. continues to back-peddle on Oban project

All along, from this space, Grand Bahamians and other readers have been advised of the dilemma the Government of The Bahamas finds itself in, regarding the proposed Oban Energies oil refinery and storage project. It was catastrophic when the government signed the Heads of Agreement with Oban, taking part responsibility for ensuring the Environmental Impact…
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Politicians bear guilt for attitude against rule of law

Many Bahamians, mostly the younger set, function with disdain regarding the rule of law. They defy the laws regularly, and, in this nation, a culture of avoidance is very much in place when upholding the law of the land is concerned. Drivers run through red lights, they overpass at random and, even on dangerous curves.…
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GB Christian Council urged to be relevant

Christian Councils in every society are obligated to guide the citizenry not just in words, but also in deeds. The expectation is that Christian leaders would be at all times, demonstrative in pointing out the righteous and wholesome pathways. They are to help structure communities positively, defend those who are in need of justice and…
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Government agrees to meet IVRC/OBB Resort President

SEN. J. KWASI THOMPSON Minister of State for GB in the Office of the Prime Minister. John MacDonald, IVRC/Old Bahama Bay Resort President and James Culmer, Chief Financial Officer of Old Bahama Bay

Minster of State in the Grand Bahama Office of the Prime Minister, Senator J. Kwasi Thompson, has agreed to meet with John MacDonald, the President of Island Ventures Resort and Club/Old Bahama Bay Resort, in the wake of the jobs of some 100 employees being threatened. MacDonald, embroiled in an occupation conflict with LRA-OBB Limited,…
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