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Government requests of AG Office, penalties against Carnival

Very tentatively, the Government of the Bahamas is moving towards the point of possibly hitting Carnival Corporation with penalties for the illegal dumping of sewage and other waste into Bahamian waters. It has been established through court proceedings in the United States and other reports that cruise ships under the banner of Carnival Corporation were…
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Carnival noted for credibility

Carnival is not a name that is new to Bahamians of older generations. Indeed, there are many still around today, with vivid memories of experiences at, or knowledge of Carnival Crystal Palace, the hotel arm of Carnival Cruise Lines that opened with much fanfare some four decades ago on the Cable Beach Strip in New…
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Road works in Hunters appealing

For the most part, the Grand Bahama Port Authority’s (GBPA) Maintenance Division looks after the repairs of roadways in Freeport proper and outlying settlements. It is a tall order the GBPA is tasked with on an ongoing basis, in trying to recapture the pristine character, Freeport and much of the wider island was once known…
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Murder at Gov. House demands sense of urgency

There was the press conference headed by Minister of National Security Marvin Dames in the aftermath of the murder of Royal Bahamas Defence Force Petty Officer, actually on the grounds of Government House, in the capital Island of New Providence, on Sunday. “This particular incident, of course, is of serious concern to the government and…
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