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Decriminalizing marijuana could be in nation’s future

Societies around the world, some as close to us as the Caribbean and the United States, have addressed the issue of marijuana (cannabis) to varying degrees, in favor of users. In the United States, it has been declared that although the “use, possession, sale, cultivation, and transportation of cannabis” is illegal, jurisdictions could pass a…
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Minister Sands supports NHI

No matter the rhetoric that comes, as is customary from politicians, there is one factor that they have no choice but to accept. Governance is ongoing. So it is, that while in opposition, politicians might criticize certain proposals and decisions that are carried because of the governing party’s majority numbers. However, when the shoe is…
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PM Dr. Minnis should drop MP salaries issue

It was surprising to many when Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis announced in the House of Assembly last week his intent to put forth a pay increase across the board for Members of Parliament, when he next sits down to craft the national budget. We would not have thought he was of such a mindset,…
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Service Industry has bright spots

There are many sad stories that can be told about our service industry. We are happy though, to be able to emphasize that some gems are indeed in the system as well. Over the weekend while The Freeport News was on a ‘reachout mission’ in Abaco, taxi driver Glenwood Miller stood out as one to…
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