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Roadway name change ideal

The late Sir Jack Hayward, once in a discussion, disclosed that he was responsible for the naming of many of the roadways that were associated with the development of the port city that came to be known as Freeport. Adventurer’s Way, Pioneer’s Way, Settler’s Way, became travel arteries synonymous with the city. The names suited…
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Grand Lucayan still in limbo

The Grand Lucayan Hotel remains closed and the end of the year is quickly approaching. Today, the Edward St. George Memorial Invitational Golf Tournament is taking place at the Lucayan Golf Course. The event has attracted a lot of interest and a large group of golfers will provide the kind of excitement that gives a…
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Bannister shows political maturity

In this space, we are often critical of the rhetoric that comes forth with regularity from our political leaders. On too many occasions, they adopt the “gotcha” perspective rather than concentrate on presenting substantive arguments when on the floor of the House of Assembly. It is indeed refreshing when one of those from the political…
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Decriminalizing marijuana could be in nation’s future

Societies around the world, some as close to us as the Caribbean and the United States, have addressed the issue of marijuana (cannabis) to varying degrees, in favor of users. In the United States, it has been declared that although the “use, possession, sale, cultivation, and transportation of cannabis” is illegal, jurisdictions could pass a…
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