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Congratulations Canada!

On the 18th of the 10th, 2018 (5778) we congratulate Canada: Ottawa (English) and Quebec (French) becoming only the second nation on planet earth (terra) to legalize a natural herb Cannabis Sativa, for spiritual, recreational and medical, financial benefits. Cannabis is in the Torah, Hebrew scriptures as Kaneh Bosm (plural) or Kaneth Bos (notice the…
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 Urinary tract infection in kids

It was a urinary tract infection found by a young Indian Intern at Broward General Hospital when my son was born there that I am convince saved him needing a kidney transplant and may have even saved his life. Therefore, I have a personal reasons to consider this topic of Urinary Tract Infection in kids.…
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Childhood Depression

Here in Freeport with the depressed economy and the family life relegated more and more to a fragile “mother who fathered me” lifestyle, more and more of our children are being depressed. Further, the effect of TV and the Internet, and Facebook etc., children see scores of murders and dangerous violence. Recently, statistics have also…
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Treat hypertension without drugs

The number one problem of The Bahamas today is metabolic disease. The name HOOD is an acronym for: H-ypertension O-verweight O-bese D-iabetes Unlike other illnesses which modern medicine is improving, these, and cancer of the colon are on the rise. Be real. You are not big and sexy. You are FAT! Recent statistics have shown…
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