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Herbs really work

JAAH God said, “I give you every seed bearing plant on the face of the whole Earth and every tree that has fruit and seed in it. They will be yours for food - And let your food be your medicine.” ~ Genesis 1:29-31. INTRODUCTION Herbs really help us, because they are foods loaded with…
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P.O.W. Poor, Orphans and Widows

The Bible is very clear and indeed specific, in details to the fact that religion has nothing to do with going to church or having camp meetings in large churches like the televangelists. In Freeport, in recent times, there appears to be a competition as to who can build the largest church edifice. As we…
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G-6 PD Deficiency

Dr. Roopi As we close out September and Sickle Cell Month, a young black boy was brought to me from West End. He has G-6 PD Deficiency. DEFINITION G-6 PD Deficiency is an inborn error of metabolism effecting the glucose, six phosphates molecule which is deficient. It leads to various symptoms like jaundice, yellowing of…
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I have been bothered recently by the last words of YAAHSHUA, Messiah (Jesus) that they may all be one. I visit and worship at Jubilee and Bishop Godfrey Williams on Sunday mornings and on the Sabbath at Shilow Seventh-Day Adventist. However, for my own edification, I go for communion at Church of the Ascension and…
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