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Destiny between birth and death

Waking up to the news of a relative who was in a near fatal car crash, was not the delicacy that I had ordered for last Saturday morning’s breakfast; but it was the reality. My relative fell asleep at the wheel at three o’clock in the morning, on a lonely Indiana highway, waking up in…
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Making conscious life changes

Congratulations! If you are reading this, you have made it to the New Year. Great! It is as if the clock stopped and restarted about 72 hours ago and now all is erased … Not so fast. There is no automatic fix; you have to do some work. A New Year can be like a…
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Things are actually clearer when they are magnified

I had a conversation with a friend, who was recently diagnosed with Diabetes. According to her, she observed a few typical symptoms of the disease, but ignored every time, until one night she woke up suddenly from a dream and was unable to see clearly. She made her way around a familiar house for a…
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Dear Readers, The other day I observed two strangers exit their cars at the same time and commence walking toward a store. Upon entering the store, one went to the right and the other to the left. About 30 minutes later, the stranger who entered on the left side of the store, returned to her…
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