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If you can’t find loyalty in a person, get a dog

Dear readers, I have come to the conclusion, if you say you have worked as hard as a dog; you really have not worked hard. In my humble opinion, most dogs observed, sleep all day!! In a few past articles, I introduced you to Teddy Bear, my long hair, Chihuahua. Teddy is nine years old…
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Mummy, are you being a hypocrite?

Dear Readers, The other day, my daughter and I jumped into our vehicle for a routine junket to the grocery store. Once I started the ignition, I gave her a glaring stare showing disappointment that she had forgotten to buckle her seat belt. She looked over to my side of the car and asked, “Mummy,…
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Keep going

Over the past years I have observed my dog when he wants to get my attention or is in need of something. He would run to me, then away from me toward his targeted goal. He would repeat this action until I follow or acknowledge him. If I am not speedy in attending to his…
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You could always spread your wings

Dear Dr. Pam, I have been married to a somewhat wonderful man for the past 12 years. We have two beautiful daughters, ages 10 and seven. We live in the Turks and Caicos Islands. I stumbled across your column on a recent trip to The Bahamas about a year ago, and we have been reading…
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