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Parents, truly make a difference

Dr. Pamela Mills

Dear Readers, Approximately four years ago, I had the esteemed pleasure of spearheading a timely piece of research, along with Keira Cox and Cheri Archer, dealing with factors that contribute to the national D+ AVERAGE in The Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education. Among the onslaught of issues discovered, there were two findings that stood…
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You can perfect something imperfectly!

Dear Readers, Practice does not make perfect; Practice makes permanent!! Don’t you realize, you can perfect something imperfectly? I am always having to quote this point to others who continue to believe, that you can accurately acquire a skill, if you perform that skill regularly. In fact, you may learn to perform that skill, but…
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Don’t Waste Time Living with Regrets

Deborah Y. Pratt

“I wish I had done that instead.” “If only I had …” Are they familiar sayings uttered by you or familiar thoughts that you may have? So often, many of us waste time living with regrets, wishing that we had done things differently in the past. As we say in Bahamian colloquialism, “Coulda, shoulda, woulda,”…
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Every round goes higher and higher

Dr. Pamula Mills

Dear Readers, I don’t know about the rest of the world, but merry-go rounds and Ferris wheels make me dizzy. The idea of going around in a circle several times renders me nauseous, physically ill and disoriented for hours. I do not enjoy this aspect of amusement parks! Some merry-go rounds (U.S. and Canada), move…
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