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Lover with your head and heart

Dear Readers, Have you ever done something, that made you turn around a few days later and say, “I should have not done that?” Of course, you did. We have all done this a time or two in life. Especially, when we allow ourselves to get involved in noxious relationships. I suppose, this is the…
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Living in The Bahamas develops a conscience

Dear Readers, Many years ago, my sister, who is well travelled, told me that living in The Bahamas develops a conscience in people. By that phrase, she meant, it is difficult to live in The Bahamas and not have a strong awareness of God. This is a powerful thought. I was reminded of this conversation…
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Being out of bounds is more than a call in a football game

Dear Readers, I believe the word “Rude” should be taken out of the Bahamian dictionary. I make this declaration since the average Bahamian describes every undesirable behavior of a child, as rude. While the orthodox definition of rude generally floats around words such as impolite, unmannerly, discourteous and ill mannered, deciding what is “rude,” is…
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She grinds my nerves!

Dear Dr. Pam, You will never know how delighted I was, a couple of weeks ago, to stumble across your column. Finally, I can ask a very important question and remain anonymous. Three years ago, I met a wonderful woman. Today, I am ready to propose marriage, as we cohabitate and I want to make…
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