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Somethings should be off limits

Dear Dr. Pam, I met a charming gentleman a few months ago, and we have been dating ever since. He treats me wonderfully and we enjoy each other’s company. While out on a lunch date, last week, he was greeted by another, who called him by a different name. He brushed it off as, ‘nothing.’…
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A ‘D’ average in morality

Dear Dr. Pam, I am an 18-year-old female, who recently graduated from high school with an “A” average. My parents have been encouraging me to apply to colleges, but I have been procrastinating. My boyfriend, of one year, persuaded me to apply to the college where he has been accepted. I am in the process…
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Shut up and listen

Dear Readers, While in graduate school, I was a part of a passionate group of students, which was intent on its purpose. There was an assignment, however, that became the Achilles heel for some members of the group; it was called the Graduate Expository Test. This was an expository essay, which required students to select…
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Always check the intention

Dear Readers, Knowledge of self is a powerful tool. In fact, the ability to hold self-responsible, while critically examining what is necessary, good and enhancing to healthy development, is a learning curve that many are unable to navigate. The other day, I placed a quotation on Facebook that garnered some interesting feedback: “There is a…
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