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Summer is truly here

Dear Dr. Pam, I am a mother of a 14-year-old daughter, and I think that I must be losing it. I can’t get her cooperation on most things and the mood swings are driving me bonkers. Can you help? I am at my wits end. ~ Out of touch Mom Dear out of touch Mom,…
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Dear Readers, On Wednesday past, I was driving home from work, when I was led to telephone a relative. She answered the phone in an excitable manner and this prompted me to ask if all was well. She disclosed that she was currently in the emergency room of a local hospital, explaining how she felt…
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Who’s watching the children?

This is an article that I wrote several years ago. In lieu of recent occurrences in the country, surrounding our children, I decided to share it again. Dear Dr. Pam, The case of the pastor, who was convicted of molesting a nine-year-old relative, has left a bitter taste in my mouth. As a mother…
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My mother really knew me

The Johari Window was a phenomenon that was developed in 1955 by two Psychologists, Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham.

Ask Dr. Pam Dear Readers, My mother had an uncanny way of keeping her children humble. She knew them so well, that she was able to distinguish each from a descriptor or two. One day a lady told her, “Mrs. Irene, I met one of your daughters, but I don’t remember her name. She asked…
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