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I blame myself

Dear Dr. Pam, I am a 33-year-old widow and a mother of one child, a nine-year-old son. I have been going through a whole lot since my husband passed away four years ago. About two years prior to his death, he and I were estranged, but we always kept in contact. Even though we were…
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Parents, truly make a difference!

Dear Readers, Approximately four years ago, I had the esteemed pleasure of spearheading a timely piece of research, along with Keira Cox and Cheri Archer, dealing with factors that contribute to the national D+ AVERAGE in The Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education. Among the onslaught of issues discovered, there were two findings that stood…
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Parents are like farmers

Dear Readers, One of the most beautiful sights to behold, can be seen when you drive or walk by an orchid, or farm in full bloom. You will find miles, upon miles of fruit and vegetables, waiting to be harvested and shipped away for consumption. This is how we are nourished and receive all the…
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Three distinct attires, one me!

Dear Readers, Not one, not two, but three; that is the minimum number of outfits that I change daily. This, however, is minimal compared to my observations of others. I watched my two daughters getting dressed for a social affair, and I became literally dizzy by the end of the experience, as my head spun…
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