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Celebrating Christmas in spite of loss

This past Sunday, in a conversation with a friend of mine whose mother died a few months ago, she talked about how difficult it would be for her to celebrate Christmas this year without her mom. I was able to identify with everything that she said. It was eighteen years ago, December 11, 1999, when…
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The power of your thoughts

Your Weekly Motivation with Deborah Pratt “I can make you rise or fall. I can work for you or against you. I can make you a success or a failure. I control the way that you feel and the way that you act. I can make you laugh…work…love. I can make your heart sing with…
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How far have we come as women?

Your Weekly Motivation This week is being observed as National Women’s week as we celebrate the 55th Anniversary of the Women’s Suffrage Movement in The Bahamas. It was on November 26, 1962 when women of 21 years and older voted for the first time in our country’s general elections. Another milestone for women was made…
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Procrastination the thief of time

“54 days left in the year, what can I improve about myself?” I read the above on a friend’s Facebook post this week and it really got me thinking. Wow! This year has certainly gone by quickly. We are already in the month of November, with just one month and a few days left in…
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