Title fight encounters delays

Fred Sturrup

Thomas Hickey, who is leading the effort for the Commonwealth Boxing Council heavyweight showdown between Bahamian Sherman Williams and Jamaican Lenroy Thomas, has been working overtime to produce the event.


The proposed boxing extravaganza is also to feature Bahamian super featherweight champion Meacher Major and up and coming Lester Brown. After several delays, it has been re-scheduled for Saturday, April 29 at the Kendal Isaacs Gymnasium.


Hickey and his associates have been encountering some challenges in closing out arrangements for the show. He is fortunate to have the benefit of accommodations from three vital entities and might still get everything in place, to beat the deadlines in order for the title fight to actually take place.


The Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture has stepped in to assist. In the meantime, the Commonwealth Boxing Council (CBC) and The Bahamas Boxing Commission (BBC) have been flexible.


Simon Block, the Honorary Secretary of the CBC has always been supportive of The Bahamas being engaged in boxing to the highest level of the Europe-based organization that has previously crowned four Bahamian champions – Gomeo Brennan, Ray Minus Jr. Steve Larrimore and Jermain Mackey.


Especially, for this proposed event, he is high on the prospect of two “non-United Kingdom boxers competing for the title outside of the UK.” The CBC is always eager to grab all opportunities that would allow it to be more encompassing within the Commonwealth of Nations.


For The Bahamas, the title fight would be a big shot in the arm for the sport. Boxing has been in the doldrums. The sport is definitely at an all-time low, one of the weakest periods in Bahamian history since Charley Major Sr. revolutionized boxing activities in this country during the 1940s.


There is a Bahamas Boxing Federation in place, but it is a deadbeat organization, with no vitality whatsoever. The federation does very little to set the pace for ongoing activities, tournaments, clinics, officiating programs and such.


So, a Commonwealth title fight would be a big boost. Particularly, because a Bahamian would be matched against a Jamaican, the scenario is perfect for a signature happening. As is always the case, Jamaicans here, who are fiercely loyal to their sports ambassadors, would bring a lot of enthusiasm to the sport.


Not wanting to be upstaged at home, Bahamians would rise to the occasion and for this moment in time, a renewal of the sporting rivalry between the two Caribbean nations would be an exciting development.


Hickey is to be encouraged as he valiantly tries to deliver the Commonwealth title package to The Bahamas.


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Published  Thursday, April 13, 2017 


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