Tank Williams seeks to boost boxing with farewell contests

Sherman “Tank” Williams

At 44, Sherman “Tank” Williams is quite aware that his competitive days in the ring are numbered.

He has been one of the great sports ambassadors of his era for The Bahamas. Williams has fought as a professional for 20 years.

He is a noted fistic figure on three continents. He won several regional titles in North America. Williams has been a double Asian champion, and in Europe, he is perhaps even better known, because of exciting bouts and training camps. At every turn of his career, he ensured that The Bahamas was highlighted. In

Europe, his training camps are adorned with a huge Bahamian flag, always.

It has to be accepted that he has proven to be a true patriot.

At this time, as his career winds down, Williams is embarking on an ambitious program, one that, if successful, would revitalize boxing in the country. He had hoped that a Commonwealth Boxing Council heavyweight title fight, scheduled for this coming Saturday, (April 29), would have jump-started a series of bouts geared to re-establish The Bahamas as a boxing mecca.

Alas, the bout fell through when all aspects of the proposed match between Williams and Jamaican Lenroy Thomas could not be arranged. So, Williams in conjunction with his handlers and with the full support of the Bahamas Boxing Commission is now targeting May 20 for a return to the ring, possibly for a World Boxing Council regional crown.

“I would like to make one thing clear. This is not just about a title, but, more about creating a venue in The Bahamas for world championship boxing. And, from the eco-social point of view, I want to give another outlet to young Bahamians to compete and to have a way out. Boxing was my way out and I understand (the importance of having a wholesome option) as much as anyone else. This (upcoming) fight will be the beginning of championship events that I would like to see in The Bahamas. Boxing in The Bahamas has struggled for a long time, but we now have an opportunity to create a real platform and further assist our amateur program.

“I want to bring my worldwide star power and 20 years of experience as a sports ambassador back home to The Bahamas. I am working with promoters to make this a reality. Also, the Commonwealth title still will come off. I will fight the winner of the fight for the vacant title, which is now scheduled for England,” informed Williams.

The native Grand Bahamian is to be saluted for what he has contributed thus far to nation building through sports representation. He wants to do more. Williams deserves the support of the Boxing commission, the Ministry of Sports and the Ministry of Tourism.

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