Promoter Hickey adjusts plan for Champ Williams

American promote, Thomas Hickey, has had to alter his plan for Bahamian Heavyweight Champion Sherman “Tank“ Williams.


Unable, although not being totally at fault, to satisfy the deadlines of the Commonwealth Boxing Council (CBC) and The Bahamas Boxing Commission (BBC), Hickey has had to digest the title opportunity being pulled back. The CBC has opted to open up the bidding for the vacant title again and another option has become a priority.


Hickey informed me on Tuesday that he will utilize his association with the World Boxing Council (WBC) to seek permission to stage a regional title fight for the Bahamian. Hickey is set on promoting a series of bouts that would be Williams’ farewell from the profession competitively.


“I have appreciated the interactions of those I have been associated with in the efforts to bring the Commonwealth heavyweight title to The Bahamas. However, there were some things in the works that did not favor us. But, I am still committed to doing big shows in The Bahamas. I will speak to the WBC and see what is available. Sherman is a quality fighter and would be accepted,” said Hickey.


Indeed, Williams is a multiple regional champion, having won titles in North America and Asia. At 44, he is still regarded as one of the best at managing movements in the ring. On the back end of a lengthy career that began in 1997, Williams has a record of 39 wins against 15 defeats and two draws. 


He has gotten better like old wine and indeed is still reputable. He is a CBC contender and would be acceptable for a regional title match, sanctioned by any of the major boxing bodies.


Hickey, though regretful that he was unable to deliver the Commonwealth title match at this time, is determined to showcase Williams here in The Bahamas. Hickey said he is looking towards the middle of May.


“I’ll work now on ensuring that our efforts are not in vain. I will continue working, but the opponent will be different and I am, tentatively, looking at May,” disclosed Hickey.


Meanwhile, Jamaican Lenroy Thomas, who was to clash with Williams on April 29, is rumored to be looking at another opponent in hopes of securing the blessing of the CBC. The sanction fee that Hickey had already advanced to the CBC will now be returned.


Down the road, there might yet be another opportunity for Williams to join the list of Bahamian Commonwealth champions. Now, though, it’s moving on time.


Hickey informed that he would be providing new details regarding a Williams’ bout in the country of his birth in short order.


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Published  Thursday, April 20, 2017 


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