Numbers given by Christie, PLP continue to be collective puzzle


In this space and from other forums and individuals, the situation regarding renovations to the Grand Bahama Sports Complex has been lamented.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Perry Christie was in Grand Bahama for the annual Business Outlook event and he boasted of his government’s contributions to Grand Bahama through projects.

He glowingly threw out numbers that sounded good but were superficial at best, because the full details of disclosures regarding the various projects have not been made available to the people of Grand Bahama. This is the problem with Christie’s Government.

Throughout the land, there are questions regarding figures presented and statements made by the PLP Government. The figures and statements don’t hold water when one takes the time to examine the situations.

 For instance, Christie boldly talked about a certain amount of $56.4 million supposedly spent on a number of projects in Grand Bahama by his government. Funding for renovations to the Grand Bahama Sports Complex (GBSC) was included in his list. Well, I can disclose that the money earmarked for the GBSC was around $1.2 million. When Christie spoke on Thursday at the Grand Lucayan Resort, he gave the impression that the renovations were completed.

That’s not the case.

He knows that renovations have not been completed at the GBSC but he failed to qualify his remarks.

Some would say he continues to intentionally misrepresent the true circumstances. Let’s just accuse him of being disingenuous. He was not candid.  I can report that as of Friday when this column was being produced for publication, significant areas needing renovation at the GBSC had not been attended to.

However, there was Christie, his usual bombastic self, being grandiloquent. He has come to be known more for being one who seems more interested in impressing with words and not particularly concerned about substance to support his utterings.

Meanwhile issues very significant to Grand Bahamians and other citizens of the land go unattended. In Grand Bahama, regarding the GBSC, the Minister for Grand Bahama Dr. Michael Darville, has tried his best at the loss of credibility to get works completed.

We have in place though a national Minister of Finance (Christie) who likes to pass the buck to his Minister of State for Finance (Michael Halkitis).

In the meantime, funds that are earmarked don’t all come down through the pipeline.

The GBSC is a case in point.

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Published Saturday, March, 11, 2017

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