Golf resurgence in Grand Bahama impresses island Sports Manager

Nuvolari Chotoosingh 

Nuvolari Chotoosingh is the Sports Manager in the Grand Bahama Tourism Office. It is to the benefit of the Ministry of Tourism that someone with the general knowledge of sports events organization and management is in place at this moment in time.

Presently, Chotoosingh is driving an exciting sports tourism initiative in Grand Bahama and he is aware that the sport of golf is one of the main items that will help him to propel the program in conjunction with independent stakeholders.

“Grand Bahama’s history factors golf prominently. We at the Ministry of Tourism in Grand Bahama, realize the significance of those who are helping us to promote sports tourism in the island and they can be assured that we will partner with them,’” Chotoosingh said recently.

Already this year, he had the pleasure of being in attendance for the launch of the Second Annual Edward St. George Memorial Golf Invitational Tournament, set for November. Then, on the March 4-5 weekend, the Seventh Annual Grand Bahama Open Golf Tournament was staged.

“There is enthusiasm about what’s happening in the island with golf events. We in the Ministry plan to do our part to contribute to the resurgence of the sport. Later this year, we want to be involved in a tournament that pays tribute to the late Percy Major,” Chotoosingh disclosed.

Last year, the Bahamas Golf Federation staged several events in Grand Bahama and it would be good if it is determined that they are scheduled on an annual basis. Along with the Grand Bahama Open and the Edward St. George Memorial, the BGF tourneys would form an excellent nucleus for the furtherance of the golf revival in Grand Bahama.

I can speak to the interest of the architects of the Edward St. George Memorial. The tourney actually was staged initially, as a follow-up to the highly successful Fred Higgs/Mychal Thompson Invitational organized several years ago by Ambrose Gouthro and I. Last September the inaugural Edward St. George event was responded to quite well and the two-fold thrust of saluting the supreme island investment czar, the late Edward St. George, proved to be quite motivating.

Grand Bahama Open founder Christ Harris had this to say about his event:

“The tournament came about because golf was so slow in Grand Bahama. It was decided to launch the tournament to build the sport. The tournament has been a success from the very beginning. It appealed to females and juniors and encouraged their participation.”

So, Chotoosingh’s enthusiasm regarding the golfing platform in Grand Bahama is understood.

He bears though the responsibility to be true to the ministry’s pledge to be a leading contributor in every way with independent stakeholders, in the continuance of the resurgence of golf in Grand Bahama.


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Published Wednesday, March, 15, 2017

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