Boxing promoter at deadline for delivery of CBC title match

Thomas Hickey

It’s crunch time for Thomas Hickey, the man who from the outset was up against a lot of odds, in his attempt to put Sherman “Tank” Williams in the ring in his native country, with the Commonwealth Heavyweight Championship on the line.


Today, April 18, the Commonwealth Boxing Council would need to have, in hand, contracts from both Williams and Heavyweight Lenroy Thomas of Jamaica, otherwise other “alternative applications” would be eligible for the table once again. Close of day is not a lot of time for Hickey. Getting a signed contract from the Jamaican has been the greatest obstacle.


Hickey has just about resolved all other issues leading up to this deadline date, but at some point, the CBC becomes compelled to move on and open up to other proposals.


As expressed in this space recently, a Commonwealth title fight would have been just what the doctor ordered for the struggling national boxing program. However, unless Hickey is able to get the signed Lenroy Thomas agreement, or find, in a hurry a replacement, acceptable to the CBC, at least for now, the match, put back to April 29, would be off.


It is unfortunate that all of the efforts made by Hickey are in danger of going down the drain. He has been tireless in reaching out to the CBC, The Bahamas Boxing Commission, the Lenroy Thomas camp and the other fighters scheduled to participate.


For Williams the opportunity represented a first, in a lengthy career. He will be 45 in September and has been fighting professionally through part of three decades. He made his debut in1997, solidified himself as a quality boxer during the decade of the 2000s and has been steady, like good old wine up to this point. This would have been the first opportunity, for him, in a big fight to perform with the home court advantage, so to speak.


Williams has been working for some six years now, on an arrangement whereby he would close out his career in The Bahama,s with a five bout series. The hope, in this instance, was to win the CBC crown and defend it four times in the land of his birth, before hanging up the gloves.


The CBC has left a window opened for Hickey. If he is not able to full the necessary requirements before day’s end, and if months go by and the CBC does not receive acceptable options, then promoter Hickey and boxer Williams could be back in the mix.


Whatever happens though, it has appeared, based on my discussions with Hickey, that he wants to ride the river with Williams to the end of his career. There is no doubt that Hickey has won the hearts of those who call the shots at the CBC, the BBC and the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture.


There are not likely to be any reservations about working with Hickey in the future.


He is a gentleman and responded favorably to every condition laid down by the CBC and the BBC.


As long as the CBC Heavyweight title remains vacant without any other meaningful applicants, Hickey will be able to get back to the table with the CBC and the BBC.


Best wishes Tom!


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Published  Tuesday, April 18, 2017


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