Weapon 2017 Crusade: Defence

“And the glory of the Lord abode upon mount Sinai, and the cloud covered it six days: and the seventh day he called unto Moses out of the midst of the cloud.”


The greatest defence is the presence of God.  God is like fire. His presence and His word is fire. Even as fire consumes and purifies, so does the presence and word of God come to consume our total being and purify our soul. 


However, too many people are spiritually naked. They are in need of the tangible presence of God to clothe them. In order to receive the tangible presence of God, one has to go up to the mountain just as Moses did. God wants to give us an encounter with Him, but we must firstly be willing to move. 


Too many believers are stuck in their comfort zones. The satisfaction of going nowhere is destroying the very zeal that once sparked an interest in getting closer to God. There is no more room for procrastination. This is not the time for passivity. God wants to act as our defense. He wants to shield us from the loss of joy and passion for the kingdom. 


Many of us have lost our passion and for a long time we have had no pure intimacy with God. It is time to refuel our love for God. The intimacy that we need is represented through the mount that Moses went up to. God instructed Moses to leave the place he abode to stay in Mt. Sinai. When Moses obeyed, he encountered the glory cloud of God.


It is time to change your address. There is a new address that God has for you to reside and it’s in the glory presence of God. Certainly, we have encountered the second heaven presence of warfare and impurities. Now God is saying come beyond the second heaven and experience the purity of the third heaven. 


In the third heaven, the worship is pure and undefiled. It is without restraints or contamination. God desires us to experience pure worship and this can only be achieved when we release ourselves from the cares of this life then open up to the phenomenal of the celestial encounter of eternity. 


These were the prophetic words of God released through His servant Prophet Milwani of Orlando, Florida. This anointed vessel of God has been sent to our island to unlock God’s blessing as well as excavate and destroy all hidden works of darkness. Our Weapons 2017 Crusade was designed with Believers in mind and certainly we anticipate closing out tonight on a higher note of praise. This is all because we have experienced pure worship in the presence of God.


If this word has been a blessing write and let us know Lighthouse International Ministry. For Prayer or counseling visit the church located #3 Angela’s Beauty Plaza next to Pearce Clinic or contact 442-0771/439-3825.



Published  Thursday, March 2, 2017 

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