The spiritual tool of dreaming

There are many today who are paying the expensive cost of ignoring their dreams. I have listened to countless stories of those that I’ve counselled with, where I was advised that if they knew what they know now about dreams, many of the decisions they’ve made in the past, they would never ever have made.

Our dreams are literally our spiritual tools which allow us to peer into the unseen world or spirit world and retrieve excerpts of events being constructed and pending for our physical world.

I had a conversation with a friend of mine today who shared with me a dream that he had. In his dream, he said that he saw where he was in possession of a new vehicle. In fact, the new vehicle that he saw was a later model to the vehicle that he currently owns now. My friend continued with his version of what the dream meant in that it was being revealed that he's seeing in advance that he will be getting a new vehicle in the future.

While attentively listening to him in his excitement and his obvious look of being convinced of his interpretation of his dream. I felt compelled to inform him that his interpretation has absolutely zero to do with him getting a new car in the future. I pointed out to my friend that even if he does get a new vehicle in the future it will not be as a result of his dream.

I further advised my friend that instead, his dream was revealing a complete change (positive) that is pending for his LIFE as opposed to him getting a new car. I carefully explained to him that in the case of his dream the new car represented a major change that will take place in his life that will literally change his life. The car in the dream which was a later model of the car he presently owns is showing that his current life which would be represented by his current vehicle will be changed to a better life which represented the new model of his current vehicle that he saw in his dream.

I explained further that in spite of what may be happening in his life right now, a sudden and abrupt change is pending for his life. I mentioned the phrase sudden and abrupt because there was nowhere in his dream where he went through the process of selling his older car to purchase his new car.

Lastly, my friend was instructed to come in agreement with the plans God has revealed to him concerning his life and to pray against every and any spiritual or physical resistance that will attempt to challenge or delay what God is about to do for him.


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Published Thursday, March, 16, 2017

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