The inspired word (spirit) states

1 Timothy verse 4 says, “However, the inspired word clearly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith …”


The inspired word literally means the spirit. The spirit is that mystical entity, that person, who came to be present when YAASHUA (Jesus) physically left the earth realm. 


More and more, as I become MZEE – that is older and wiser, the words of the mystic, John “The Divine,” makes simple sense. 


“In the beginning was the word or spirit. John Chapter 1:1. Within our physical flesh is the entity called spirit: it is the I (capital) in i (small).


Anyone who follows Star Trek will recall that entity called “the borg.” The whole hive and tribe is linked together in one mess - one mind. 


Though each body is individual with its “ownness” – yet they are all one.


You cannot cheat, lie or murder yourself. YAASHUA (Jesus) dreamt that one day we would all be ONE mind, in ONE spirit.


So we must be careful in the words of 1Timorthy 4: “for it in latter days some will fall away from the faith” - then Borg - like we all fall. False teachings become imbedded in our congregations and we all incorporate it into our “faith.” 


Take the phrase “the devil is a liar!” It has become glibly used that we failed to analyze the concept - the devil does not lie - the devil is an angel … a fallen one yes, but still an angel and thus angelic.


No, you, yourself are the liar and as such you affect ALL of us when you lie. We fail to “overstand” (some still say understand) that the devil is in you as is the Holy Spirit. 


In the beginning was the spirit and the word (or spirit) is in you: your mouth, your speech, your intentions, your actions. It is like yin-yang.




Published  Thursday, February 23, 2017 


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