The curse and costly consequences of ignorance

As long as you are under a generational curse, there will always be patterns of limitations in your life. However, they’re not your regular limitations but a closer inspection will reveal that other family members have and are experiencing the same negative events and cycles of defeat.


The power of a generational curse is solely based on the ignorance of the victim knowing that it exists in their family. I have also discovered that once a generational curse is in place in a family, then the spiritual doors are swinging wide open making it incredibly easy for anyone to place additional curses on them.


Simply put, if you’re being attacked by the forces of witchcraft to the point that these witchcraft attacks are succeeding then this is a red flag that there is an underlying curse already in place! Malachi 3 provides a perfect example of this, he starts off in verse 5 by saying God will begin judgement with the Sorcerers/Witchcraft workers which clearly meant that they were involved in Idolatry. Then in verses 8, he continued to speak about the nation of Israel robbing God via tithes and offerings.


Consequently verse 7 made it clear that this did not start with the current generation, instead it all began with their ancestors. Verse 9 now makes it abundantly clear, “Ye are cursed (past tense) with a curse (present tense).


I have sat with many folks who have said to me that they do not believe in generational curses, in fact they sum it up as a “State of mind.” 


Well, guess what a particular person that have said this to me, their Great grandmother divorced, their grandmother divorced, their mother is divorced and now they’re divorced. I will say to you like I said to that person, “Do you still think it’s a state of mind?”


The spirit world is not waiting for you to subscribe to it or for us to make up our minds to determine if it exists or not. The spiritual world is coexisting with us on a daily basis. I have said this in many of my teachings before and that is. Rather than wondering who is it that has worked witchcraft on you or have you “fix.”


Your main concern should be what spiritual laws are you violating that is giving the curse of witchcraft the legal right to not only operate against you but to also succeed in destroying you!


Several years ago I had an encounter with a Pastor who insisted that my teachings were just head knowledge and that others should not listen to me if they desire to live. In fact he advised a mutual friend that he should pay no attention to me especially in the area of witchcraft and sorcery. I found out later that this particular pastor was so afraid of witchcraft that he never spoke about it, neither did he teach what scripture had to say about it to his members or anyone for that matter.


I was later informed that this same pastor developed a mysterious sickness that doctors were unsuccessful in diagnosing. I was also advised that his mysterious illness was brief with excruciating pain prior to his death. Now, while many would say, “Who could have done this to this pastor?” The real question is what was going on with this pastor that gave the forces of evil the right to overcome him?


There are many like this same pastor today who will meet the same fate and it will all be because they choose to engage the law of “DESTRUCTION.” The law of destruction clearly says, “My people (Pastors, Bishops, Apostles, Christians etc.) are destroyed because of a LACK OF KNOWLEDGE, Hosea 4:6. However, one of the spiritual laws of life and deliverance for the just clearly states, “Through KNOWLEDGE shall the JUST (Pastor, Bishop, Apostle, Christian etc.) be delivered, Proverbs 11:9.


Agreeing with my teachings or not DOES NOT CHANGE THE SPIRITUAL LAWS. However, your religious leaders will be held accountable for not teaching and preaching the ENTIRETY of God’s word, which is inclusive of the knowledge and recognition of witchcraft.


Many countries, Islands, communities and families are being oppressed and destroyed by the evil powers of witchcraft. Again, all of this is due to a religious leader discounting such supernatural evil and insisting that his or her congregation remain ignorant to its existence also. 


Well, I can assure you that the end result will always pan out that they will perish before their time simply because they insist on dismissing and remaining ignorant to the available knowledge of God’s word concerning these things.


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Published  Thursday, March 2, 2017 

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