The Prophetic Realm

The book of Acts in the 16th chapter, Apostle Paul went to the city Thyatira declaring the word of the Lord. 


Great Conversion occurred and many were baptized. He then being a man of constant prayer was going to “the place of prayer.” On his way there, he was met with a slave girl who was a diviner. Of course, she started to divine. 


The actual Greek transliteration of Divination is “Python.” We know the Python Snake to be one of the largest snakes there is. The larger the Python, the more deadlier it is. They live in warm places. They are camouflaged to their environment and strike suddenly at passing prey. Once prey has been grasped, the python looses coils around prey to hinder blood flow thereby causing cardiac arrest. Death is caused speedily by suffocation (from coils) as prey is swallowed whole. 


Now let’s explain. The spirit of Divination or Soothsaying is a very dangerous one. This directly mimics the Prophetic Anointing in True Oracles or Messengers of the Lord. Deuteronomy 18:10 call them observers of time, enchanters, or false Prophets. Diviners sell themselves to do evil in the sight of the Lord and provoke HIM to anger (2 Kings 17:17). 


Diviners sell you dreams and false visions of their own heart (Jeremiah 14:14). Diviners are flat out liars. 


We can deduce from Anchor scripture that the fact of delivering a true  “word or prediction” does not make one a “real” Prophet. So, we see accuracy is not the measure for prophetic authenticity or authority. But rather, the fruit of a consecrated and pure life lived before God and his people. The devil knows secrets too. Here are a few differences between the two:

Diviners: 1. Are Enslaved and possessed by a demonic serpent/dragon like spirit. 

 (Acts 16:16) 

2. They predict for profit/gain   (Acts 16:16) 

3. Not people of prayer and will not encourage or strengthen your prayer life. This spirit literally distracts you from prayer by prophesying all day and night. 

4. Their demonic coils actually suffocate the life/breath out of believers. 

5. They use people for financial gain until they are dried up unto death. 

6. They target weak and lukewarm Christians with no discernment and no word who cannot detect their satanic activity. 

7. Their source of Information is contaminated and polluted and retrieved from familiar spirits.


Divine Messengers/Prophets: 1. Are servants only to and enslaved by the Spirit of the living God. 


2. Never gives prophetic word for profit/gain; but every word issued is motivated and issued from the Spirit of love. Even correction/rebuke. 


3. Prophets are prayerful people. Persons prophesying without a consistent and solid prayer life moves heavily in divination. 


4. Prophets hate disorder and confusion (diviners thrive in chaos). 


5. Prophets point people to Christ Jesus and not to themselves. 


6. Prophets only speak the heart and mind of the Lord, nothing more and none less. 


“I will raise them up a Prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee, and will put my words in his mouth.”

Deut. 18:18


Genuine prophets speak from their love relationship with the Father. They are never motivated by selfish gain. When a true prophet speaks he/she causes activity to manifest and movement to take place around and in your life. 


A prophet’s declaration does a few things in your life:

1. Causes a divine arrangement

2. A subduing of dark forces

3. Their words appoint things in place

4. They command

5. They destroy demonic activity

6. They give name to

7. They teach


Prophets are chief disciples, ever learners and followers of the word of God. 


They A Reveal deep and hidden secrets. 

B. Real Prophets have great security detail (2 Kings 6:12). 

C. Prophets have keys to lock down, shut down and open up. 

D. True Prophets can smite you with blindness. 

E. Prophets are witty (2 Kings 6:19)


Diviners, Soothsayers will give you an accurate word but will suffocate your spiritual life even to death. Only God or Prophet of greater ranking and authority can deliver you from the coils of darkness from these satanic agents. Real Prophets have more than a word, they carry Jehovah’s Commands. Where there is heaven’s Command, there is a host of angels to execute it. 


A word of caution to you who frequent every house looking for a Prophetic Word ... be careful you don’t mistake a Witch/Warlock masked as a Warrior looking for a Word. Some are entering covens mistaking them for God’s church. Be ye alert and vigilant for our adversary the devil is roaming about seeking whom he may devour.


To Be Cont’d...


Published  Thursday, March 9, 2017 

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