Shalom perfect peace Se Lah

Psalm 37: 11, “But the meek will possess the Earth and they will find exquisite delight in the abundance of peace.”


October 6, 2016 marked a day that I, and I am sure most Grand Bahamians will never forget. Matthew was a Hurricane of Class 4 proportions with winds in excess at times 170 miles per hour. 


Now some four months later, we have been left with the five Ds - depression, desperation, defeat, despised and decay. 


To put it another way many are sad, filled with hopelessness; feelings of inferiority. Many are baffled by what life holds and feel they are unable to cope with life's difficulties. 


When we look around the once proud town we see decay, deprivation and … lack of progress, lack of property, lack of possessions, and in many cases lack of the ability to go on.


The Liz Cromwell Essay Competition resulted in some 30 odd children from several schools stating the various ways that we need to have a revival of our homes, lives and our former beautiful magical City of Freeport. 


West End looks like a ghost town and though my mother was actually born there, when I drive through, I am saddened that this town, which is still officially the capital of Grand Bahama has little sign of restoration despite gifts of money and supplies that have poured in from benevolent persons in America, the Caribbean and Europe. 


What then is the solution? 


There is no question that someone, somewhere benefitted.


What is the word from the Lord?


SHALOM….SHALAM…PEACE….SELAH.  God’s (YAAHWEH's) perfect peace let us know there is a caring Creator who insures that all our needs will be supplied. Even most churches have been prejudicial in only caring for their immediate members, when in fact there are more needing persons right before their very eyes.  


The peace of God is a perfect peace. It is without favor and it is not biased. The perfection of God's peace is so complete that we can rest at night in the assurance that “joy comes in the morning.”


Selah, when used in the Psalms give us a musical pause. This pause ensures that were we to look upward, we would sing, “thanks and praises” for those little things that mean a lot. 





Published  Thursday, February 9, 2017 


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