Destroying Satanic Embargos

Isa 58:6: “Is not this the fast that I have chosen? to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke?”


1 Cor 16:9: “For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries.”


There are people that ought to have moved higher in life than where they are presently at. Many have been tied down to one location by some sort of embargo. There is something the Bible calls the anointing; the anointing is very powerful and we need to take advantage of the anointing in order to destroy every satanic embargo. You need to identify the embargo situation in your life and address it with prayers.

Speaking Destruction to Satanic Embargo

The anointing is a destroyer of yokes; the anointing is a destroyer of bondages. Wherever the anointing is present, bondages will have to die.

Four Key Facts in the Scripture


1. Bands of wickedness;

You cannot be too nice to escape wickedness. You don’t need to offend the wicked before they show their wickedness, this is the reason they are called the wicked. The Bible says, the whole world lies in wickedness.

There are a lot of people that ought to have moved farther in life than they have.


2. Undo the wicked Burd-ens;

There are people that are victim of satanic oppression and evil load.

3. The Oppressed;

For some people, every attempt to rise, something will pull them back. These people will find it hard to hard to gather good things in life.


4. Breaking the Yoke;

To Every sickness, there is a yoke attached. To every barren situation, there is a yoke attached.

What is an Embargo?

Embargo is a stopper

Embargo brings restriction into a life.

It brings stagnation and frustration.

It brings satanic intimidation

It brings limitation.

It brings starvation.

Embargo is closed door

The door is open but the plenty enemies are closing the doors

Many opportunities have opened but they were not used because the enemy keeps closing the doors.

Embargo is an evil voice speaking contrary to your elevation


Results of embargo


It causes rise and fall.


Suffering in the midst of plenty.

Workaholic but no evidence.

Position for top but at the bottom.

Gifted not celebrated.

Respected not recognized

Rejected and Repeatedly Neg-lected


Kinds of embargo


1. Conscious Embargo

When a person is aware that something is wrong, something is keeping them at the tail end.


2. Unconscious Embargo

These people don’t have any clue of the embargo Such people don’t dream; some always forget their dream

The enemy is using this to deepen their embargoes.


3. Collective Embargo

When a group of people or family are experiencing the same cycle of problems. It is a like father like son problem; like mother like daughter problem.


4. Selective Embargo

Such people are usually regarded as the black sheep of the family; despite their go family background, they just go wayward.


5. Mind embargo

These sets of people are caged in their mind.


6. Programmed embargo


7. Geographical embargo

How to Speak Destruction to Satanic Embargo.

Give your life to Christ.

Repent from all sin.

Be consistent in your giving to the lord.

Live a Holy life.

Fast and pray hot prayers. Consistently.

May the Lord release the Grace over your life to destroy all Embargos, restrictions and limitations in Jesus’ mighty name.


Published Thursday, March, 16, 2017

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