Turnquest raises concerns post-Hurricane Matthew

K. Peter Turnquest

Free National Movement Deputy Leader of the (FNM), Peter Turnquest, Member of Parliament for East Grand Bahama raised a number of concerns relating to Grand Bahama post-Hurricane Matthew, while speaking in the House of Assembly recently. 


Addressing a number of Hurricane Restoration and Relief Programs that are presently underway, Minister responsible for the program, D. Shane Gibson said that a number of Capital Works Projects are in the pipeline for restoration on the island, some of which include sea walls and docks. 


However, following Gibson’s communication, Turnquest expressed concern over the condition of the Water Cay Dock, which was damaged by Hurricane Matthew. 


“In the minister’s statement he didn’t mention the dock at Water Cay, which was also damaged. I wonder whether that is included in the assessment or has not been assessed yet, or what is the status with that because it does require a bit of repair.”


Turnquest also questioned what is being done with respect to street lighting that has yet to be repaired on part of the island, particularly in the Eastern District. 


“I would like to raise the issue, through the government and through the Minister for Grand Bahama, the Port Authority and those that may be responsible for the lighting on the highways particularly, going out towards the East. 


“It is a very dark and lonely road. I hope that in short order, we can get the lights that were there, which were already insufficient, reconnected. It is a very dangerous road.”


Responding to Turnquest’s concerns was minister with responsibility for Grand Bahama, Dr. Michael Darville, who maintained that the government is aware of both matters and they were being addressed. 


“As far as Water Cay is concerned, the dock was damaged again. We repaired it a few years ago, but of course it was damaged again. I want to assure the Member for East Grand Bahama that the Ministry of Works have looked into that and we are about to issue a contract to repair it.”


Speaking to the streetlights’ concern, Darville said that lights have been inoperable on some parts of the island since October of last year, following Matthew’s passing. 


“I would like to commend the Grand Bahama Power Company (GBPC) on the excellent work they have done on the restoration effort, post-Hurricane Matthew, but I would like to join with the Member for East Grand Bahama, in saying that there are still some areas in Grand Bahama that are still in darkness. 


“We realize that as a result of the hurricane, some of the LED lights have been damaged and they have indicated to us that they are trying to bring in additional supplies; however, there are some areas in my constituency, as well, that is in darkness as a result of loss of lights on the pole and it produces a security risk. 


“I am pleading on behalf of the residents of Pineridge as well as those throughout Grand Bahama, that we need to move to get those things resolved,” concluded the Minister for Grand Bahama.


Published  Tuesday, January 24, 2017 


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