Turnquest blasts PLP Govt. over sports complex issue

K. Peter Turnquest. 

East Grand Bahama Member of Parliament, K. Peter Turnquest, Deputy Leader of the Free National Movement (FNM) blasted the government over the conditions at the island’s lone sporting complex, post-Hurricane Matthew. This daily recently ran an article in its sports section, where concerns were raised over the state of the facility, particularly with the start of the track and field season and young students using the stadium to host their schools’ Annual House Meets.


Following is Turnquest’s statement in its entirety.


“Months after Hurricane Matthew left trails of devastation on Grand Bahama Island, the governing Progressive Liberal Party has done nothing more than offer handpicked support for some residents, collected millions in relief donations, kept Bahamians in the dark about relief efforts and disappointed, particularly young people, starving and searching for a sense of normalcy.  The state of the Grand Bahama Sports Complex highlights the uncaring contempt the PLP holds for our talented and promising young Bahamians. 


“For months now, with pressure from public servants connected to the facility, its own political supporters, editorial forces, the Free National Movement, and residents generally, this lousy and inept Government has worked at a snail's restoration pace.  As the track and field season begins with schools hosting House Sports activities and top athletes and coaches wanting to prepare, the complex is found lacking. 


“Sadly, there is not even seating for our children and parents to comfortably enjoy the now scheduled events.  It should be noted that there is a dedicated staff placed at the complex, but truth be told, this Government has provided little or no support.  Prime Minister Christie and his band of lost Cabinet Ministers are big on celebrations for our track and field athletes after they excel on the national and international stage.  They should exhaust similar energies and resources to rapidly fix the Grand Bahama Sports Complex. 


“Our country is in desperate need of change.  The FNM represents that change and will prove committed to the restoration and expansion of sporting facilities on Grand Bahama and the wider Bahamas.  The ratification of Iram Lewis, an Olympian, former track and field sensation and noted administrative sports leader here and worldwide, as a candidate for the Central Grand Bahama Constituency, is a testament of the FNM's genuine focus on youth development and the empowerment of our people.  We call on this 'do nothing' Government to stop the talk and complete the work at the Grand Bahama Sports Complex NOW!”


Published  Thursday, January 26, 2017 


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