Pintard: You have soldiers working on your behalf

Free National Movement (FNM) candidate for Marco City, Michael Pintard, declared that the FNM’s goal through it various celebrations, is putting caring leadership in place that will change the suffering in Grand Bahama.  


Pintard made this declaration, during at the party’s  ‘Fire Dem’ themed concert on Easter Monday (April 17) at the FNM’s Marco City headquarters in the Joll Plaza. 


“We want you to know that you have soldiers working on your behalf,” Pintard told the cheering crowd.


“It cannot be right that public figures are living large, while many citizens’ roofs are still leaking in Grand Bahama,” he said. 


Pintard added that he and the other FNM candidates for Grand Bahama – Pakesia Parker-Edgecombe for West Grand Bahama and Bimini; Frederick McAlpine for Pineridge, Iram Lewis for Central Grand Bahama and sitting MP for East Grand Bahama, Peter Turnquest –visited thousands of homes on the island.


“Many persons have filled out assessment forms so that the mold and the mildew do not make them sicker than they already are,” he maintained.


He claimed that after the government has borrowed $150 million and after Hurricane Matthew that struck the island in October 2016, these people still have not received supplies. 


Pintard told the crowd gathered that they have the power to change their government if that is what they truly want, and it is up to the party to further encourage them to get out and vote. 


He explained that the theme of ‘Fire Dem’ represents getting rid of the current Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) government to usher in a positive change for the country, especially Grand Bahama.


“We have come here tonight to fire the Progressive Liberal Party.  We don’t want to do it so that a new group of wealthy Bahamians can get in place.  We want to fire them, so when we earn money on your behalf we spend it on your behalf,” he said.


Speaking on residents who are currently losing their homes to the Mortgage Corporation and private banks, and struggling to find accommodations, Pintard said that government should be working with those residents to save their homes.  


Pintard assured that the FNM would work with those people to help prevent this from happening. 


Pintard concluded declaring that the FNM does not fear the PLP.


Published  Wednesday, April 19, 2017 

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