FNM Change team: GB people are hurting

FNM Change team: GB people are hurting

Grand Bahama residents are hurting and change must come, agreed the Free National Movement’s (FNM) Grand Bahama ‘Change Team’ contesting the 2017 general election.


The team headed by FNM Deputy Leader and East Grand Bahama incumbent, Peter Turnquest, and fellow candidates for West End and Bimini, Pakesia Parker-Edgecombe; Fredrick McAlpine, Pineridge; Michael Pintard, Marco City and Iram Lewis for Central Grand Bahama – issued a joint statement Sunday afternoon, after a weekend of campaigning throughout the community.


Following is the statement in its entirety.


“It is, no doubt, becoming more and more vexing and frustrating for Grand Bahama residents to see Prime Minister (Perry) Christie and his band of ‘do nothing’ ministers dance around in the media suggesting things are so great on Grand Bahama.  


“The few start up and last minute capital projects have been designed to get votes and seemingly bump the pockets of known PLP supporters.  This PLP government, rose to power back in 2012 on pie in the sky promises. To date, unemployment and the cost of living remain too high.  The Grand Lucayan Resort and Memories properties are slapped with uncertainties, all because this government lacks energetic, prudent and creative leadership.  


“The PLP appears to be strapped with a worn and tired leader who is asleep at the wheel.  Prime Minister Christie is out of touch and far removed from the pain and suffering being experienced by residents here on Grand Bahama.  People are literally losing their homes daily and for many, keeping the power on or timely grocery, proves challenging.  


“While things were bad on Grand Bahama long before Hurricane Matthew in October of last year, this government’s inability to arrive at a caring and comprehensive relief plan has worsened the burden. There are far too many complaints of foreign workers holding jobs, where qualified Bahamians are being denied opportunities to provide for their families.  


“Queens Highway, the International Bazaar and other sectors on Grand Bahama still look like war zones. The PLP highlighted photos and the state of these places during the 2012 election campaign and promised to revive our island.  More than four years later, they have been big on talk and very little has been done. A newly elected FNM government is representative of real change.  We will demonstrate the caring and competent will to revive Grand Bahama’s economy.  


“We intend to revisit critical aspects of the Incentive Bill to reignite investor confidence and to ensure more Bahamians become employers and look beyond just getting a job. The time has come for the ‘so called’ small man and woman to get a fair shake to own and run successful businesses on Grand Bahama.  It is a crying shame to see the many college and university graduates, who have returned home to Grand Bahama and their qualifications are being dismissed.  


“We will embrace and engage our talented and qualified scholars.  This PLP government is truly not for the needy.  A few have flourished over the past four-plus years under this administration.  A newly elected FNM government will be forthright, transparent and fair. In the coming days and weeks, we will continue to outline our solution oriented plan to restore Grand Bahama and to take our island to greater heights.  


“We encourage residents to register to vote and join forces with us to take Grand Bahama Island and the entire Bahamas back.  This government that reportedly spent millions of dollars with no regard for your wellbeing and four-plus years telling you what the former government did not do. The people voted for them to work, but  sadly … 


“Your Grand Bahama FNM Change Team is committed to creating a better quality of life for all Bahamians. More than a catchy slogan, we are determined and driven to make the next five years and beyond,  ‘The People’s Time.’”


Published  Monday, March 27, 2017 


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