RMH health care practitioners lauded

Dear Editor,


On or about February 1, 2017, I was hospitalized in the Rand Memorial Hospital in the male surgical ward for treatment; despite general views by some persons, I was pleasantly surprised by my wonderful in-patient experience, and more so pleased that our health care facility reflects an effective and professional comparable one rivaling those in the United States and Canada. Therefore, I am compelled to convey my gratitude for the excellent treatment received while in hospital.


It is my opinion the collaborative effort of the entire Rand memorial Hospital staff and those at the Pearce Plaza Outpatient care facility, the proficient doctors, nurses and domestic staff alike all result in my total experience, even the security guards were very professional. While in hospital, there were professionals who not only treated me, but explained the benefits of healthy lifestyle practices after discharge.


Like anywhere else, some of our people  may see the bad in everything, however, I always strive to see the good in others and in my opinion, my in-hospital treatment was a wonderful and superior experience.


The primary purpose of this letter is to make the general public aware that we have under-appreciated upstanding personnel in our public health care facility system that deserve to be commended and recognized by the general public for their hard work.


I am blessed to know that in The Bahamas, we have such professionals that demonstrate genuine patient care and concern. It is my opinion that this type of in-hospital experience, provokes wellness of spirit and mind, aiding in the patient healing process.


Finally, if I didn’t have a happy home I would’ve loved to spend two to three more weeks in the Rand Memorial hospital, if only for the stellar and exemplary service given. 


I say hats off  to Dr. Ward, Cheryl Bain, Head Nurse and Administrator Sharon Williams for retaining the best staff of doctors, nurses and other health care professionals in its employ, comparable to none. It is my hope and prayer that these professionals will be honored for their works sake while they can enjoy the honor.


~ Thaddeus Darling 

Former in-patient.


Published  Friday, April 6, 2017 


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