Passionate Plea Made For Men

Dear Editor,


At the ending of last year, when I heard the murder count I became so troubled.  I began to pray, “Please Lord hear our prayer, please stop the murdering in our country.”  The murders seemed to double.  I pleaded, God why are you not hearing us, in a still small voice.  The Lord said to me, sure I hear voices, but they are not the same voices of the ones I put in charge.  These voices are of women and a lot of them are contrary to my teaching.


A man is the head of his home as Christ is head of the Church.  Men, God is waiting to hear your voices.  Come back to the front of the battle.  Cry out to your God for deliverance.  The Bible said, if sin is in your land, your young men will die and your eye will not be dry.  Then, you will have no one to care for you in your old age.  Sin is in the land; I am not going to name any particular sin because the Bible says all unrighteousness is sin. If your sin is small as a mustard seed you cannot enter heaven.  Check your life and turn from that sin that is separating you from God.


Remember murder is not political, no PLP, no FNM, no DNA or any other party can stop murder.  It is spiritual, when evil came in the heart of Cane he murdered his brother.  Ask God for a clean heart.  Pray! Men pray! God is listening for your voices.  He will answer this country if we turn from our wicked ways.


~ Loving The Bahamas,

Elizabeth Hield

West End, Grand Bahama  


Published  Friday, February 17, 2017 


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