FNM should go with Pakesia in Marco City

Dear Editor,


While the FNM seems to be putting together a fairly good group of candidates, one of the clear weaknesses is that there are only two women ratified by the party, and that is of some concern to many people.


There is some talk on the street that another woman might be ratified next week, and should that happen, it would be a wonderful thing, as we need more women to be represented amongst the group of people who are being put forth by the FNM, given that the party is likely to win and become the government in a matter of months.


There are also rumors that Pakesia Parker-Edgecombe will run again in West End. While it is good that she seems to be receiving serious consideration by the party for a nomination, the party should give her a real opportunity to win. That is not in West End. She paid her dues and made the sacrifice for the party already when she ran there in 2012.


And, she should not be given the West End nomination “just to increase” the number of women on the party’s slate. She should be given a real opportunity to win. By all accounts, she is a very good prospective candidate and she was equally a very good candidate in 2012.


With so few women being ratified, some would say, perhaps in the more difficult seats, it is conceivable that an FNM government might not include any women and that would be a disastrous outcome for the party and the nation. An elected government (FNM, to boot) with absolutely no representation of women or, put another way, women not represented, that is beyond imagination.


Moreover, of concern, at a minimum, is that Grand Bahama might very likely have absolutely no women in the House of Assembly, and that would not speak well of us either, not at anytime but especially not in 2017.


It is noteworthy also that there are precious few nominations remaining in the FNM now, hence fewer opportunities for additional women candidates, and in “winnable seats”.


It is time for the party to seriously consider Pakesia Parker-Edgecombe for Marco City.


~ “All” Together


Published  Monday, January 9, 2017 


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