FNM considered to have ‘early momentum’

Dear Editor,


This past weekend was big for the Free National Movement on Grand Bahama. 


I suspect the FNM’s motorcade and event at the old bowling alley tripled the PLP’s crowd at Jubilee Cathedral and the free meals and drinks at the governing party’s headquarters on East Sunrise Highway. 


I am reminded though, the PLP’s affair was planned last minute to counter or upstage the FNM. The plan, as I see it, failed. 


The FNM has the early momentum. People on Grand Bahama are frustrated and fed up with Prime Minister Christie and his government.  What I found impressive and most important is what the FNM Change Team members hold in common. 


They all seek to empower constituents. Michael Pintard seems well on his way to take Marco City. Because his opponent, Norris Bain, ran for the FNM in 2012 and for whatever reason, is now running on a PLP ticket, Pintard has the trust and loyal factor on his side. 


Pakesia Parker-Edgecombe escaped the political hype and spoke to what she would do if elected.  She was proactive in her approach. She is determined to give Obie Wilchcombe a royal battle in West End and Bimini.  


Iram Lewis had an early start in Central Grand Bahama while the PLP caused its candidate unnecessary stress.  Lewis is well organized and has a strong following.  Central is the FNM’s seat to lose.  Iram Lewis is a known winner. 


Make no mistake, Minister Michael Darville is tough to beat in Pineridge, but Fredrick McAlpine is working hard and has a message that is quickly resonating with voters.  Peter Turnquest proved yet again this weekend that he has the smarts and love for the Bahamian people to be our nation’s next Deputy Prime Minister. 


Turnquest is battling a political unknown in East Grand Bahama.  He has led the FNM’s debates in the House of Assembly for the past four plus years on economic issues and made it known to Grand Bahama that things will get better should the FNM win the next general election.  Turnquest is no longer a novice. 


He has aged with the plight of his constituents and the challenges faced by all Bahamians.  The entire Grand Bahama FNM team demonstrated courageous chemistry and a commitment to turn Grand Bahama around. 


FNM Leader, Dr. Hubert Minnis sealed the deal during the weekend.  He demonstrated a connection with Grand Bahama and seems very much in touch with the issues here.  There is this feeling of change in the air. Grand Bahama, I submit, is once again FNM country. 


The FMN candidates are all young, talented, independent business people and they appear united with a grand purpose. I wish the team well.


~ Grand Bahama Resident Watching The Run


Published Wednesday, March 22, 2017 



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