The average person does not like his/her place of employment

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“Thank God it’s Friday. Today is Hump Day.  Have a great weekend,” are phrases passed around a place of employment, from the middle to the end of the work week.  It appears that some employees live for Friday, anticipating being away from work for at least 48 hours.  


Consequently, people tend to drag themselves into work on Monday, with the average person becoming fully engaged by Tuesday. Additionally, there are certain words, like stressful, busy, chaotic and overwhelming that are used to describe many places of employment, and many people only work as an economic means to an end.


This is sad, but true; the average person does not like his/her place of employment. Some find displeasure in the tasks they perform, while others find little pleasure around the people with whom they work. Relationships with supervisors and ethical work patterns are often reported as areas of challenge.


The bottom line suggests that many people dislike going to work. This does not mean that people are lazy and shiftless, but perhaps they are not thrilled with their work environment, or experience a sense of powerlessness over their situation.  The level of dissatisfaction can become so high, that it may produce physical, emotional and/or mental anguish.


Realistically speaking, we all need to make a living. In fact, we spend many years preparing to do just that. We equip ourselves by attending school, acquiring skills and becoming competitive. What we do for a living often dictates how much income we earn, which in turn decides the quality of life we experience.  Hence, everyone aspires to make as much money as he/she is able.


While the work place should not be a person’s main focus of interest, it is where people spend about one quarter of their day. In truth, work is almost like an extension of the home, making coworkers extended family. While we may have little control over the workplace, there are somethings that everyone can do to make the place of employment more bearable.


Here are some suggestions to embrace:


1. Begin each day with devotion, meditation and gratitude

2. Commit your day to God

3. Give thanks for your job

4. Listen to inspirational or motivational pieces on your way to work

5. Reframe the way you see your work  

6. Dress appropriately and act the role

7. Purpose in your heart to have a power filled day

8. Remember this is a place of work, not a social club, or happy hour

9. Don’t go to work to make friends

10. Get a life

11. When there are conflicts, take the high road

12. Never define yourself by your work, or your title; define yourself by the difference you make when you work

13. Give a full day’s work, for a full day’s pay.

Remember that everything in life is seasonal, so enjoy your season of earning. 

Dr. Pam  


Point to Ponder: Life is a balance of work and play.


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Published  Wednesday, February 22, 2017 


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