I did not bathe

I got up yesterday morning and did not bathe.  Do I have your attention?  Yes, I said it.  I did not bathe (at least for several hours).  So, before you judge or describe me using colorful adjectives, please hear my story.


Generally, I live my life by law and order.  Some would describe me as a creature of habit, routine and predictable.  However, I abhor boredom and detest what I refer to as “mundanity.”  What a paradox!! Yesterday, I gave myself permission to live; permission to relax, goof off and chill.


Don’t get me wrong, I am not an old Fuddy Duddy, but I too can get carried away with the importance of day to day stuff and forget to stop and smell the hibiscus. So, yesterday, I stopped. I smelled the roses, yellow elder and even the bushes.  The brakes were applied and life moved at a slower, self-directed pace.


Folks, life is short.  Just this past weekend, there were more than 20 funerals recorded on Grand Bahama and among the dead were many middle-aged people.  The fact is, death is no respecter of person; it conquers the rich, poor, old young, educated, uneducated, righteous and unholy.  The mystery of death lies in the fact that no one is privy to its arrival.  One immutable thought, death is inevitable.  Hence, what do we do?  We focus on what we can control; how we live.


There are so many clichés about how we should live our lives, but I do believe that every soul has to find its salvation.  The essence of life is to enjoy living.  By this, I mean, to do everything that is required of you, but mix it with things that you desire and need for personal growth and development.  It is so easy to be busy with chores, time can get away leaving voids and feelings of not being fulfilled.  Life demands that we do certain things to sustain it, and even more things if we desire to sustain it at a comfortable level.  This is fine, but we should stop, long enough, to pay attention to self and the things around.  We should never take the air, water, the sky, sounds, creatures and natural things for granted.  None of this is promised tomorrow.  Therefore, every time we are afforded the opportunities to be a part of these features, we should be grateful.


My task of delaying my bathe, was my way of rebelling against me, against the rigidity of my daily existence.  I stood up to me and decided to act out….and it felt good.  I ate breakfast and lunch in my work-out clothes, while relaxing, listening to radio programs and watching television!  I stood outside on the balcony and marveled over the goodness of God.  Moreover, I made plans (I could not help this) to go outside to play on the swing set and act like a child. Finally, I took a bath!!


Life ought to be lived, by society’s rules, and by some rules set by self.  So make a conquered list (things you have done) and then, make a bucket list (things you wish to do before you leave this world); then get about doing these things. Do not forget to carry kindness, gentleness, respect, love, patience and joy on your journey.  After all, once your life on earth expires, so does your opportunity to live.


Point to Ponder: You can’t outrun death, but you can keep pace with life. 


• Doctor Pam is an advice column that is featured every week in this daily. Your letters and comments are encouraged. You may e-mail them to askdoctorpam@yahoo.com, or write to PO box F343736, Freeport Grand Bahama. Dr. Pam is a Clinical Psychologist trained in all areas of mental health.


Published  Tuesday, January 17, 2017 


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