Residents of Yeoman Wood and Grasmere air their concerns at town meeting

MEETING WITH RESIDENTS – Free National Movement (FNM) candidate for Marco City

Free National Movement Candidate for Marco City, Michael Pintard is leading a community effort to solve longstanding problems of unpaved roads and lack of city water.

During a Town Meeting on Thursday (March 9) at Unity in Christ Assembly, Pintard and others briefed residents on progress so far to remedy the two “vexing” and “stubborn” problems.

Pintard spoke with this daily on what was discussed at that meeting. 

For more than 10 years, residents of Yeoman Wood and Grasmere petitioned various authorities to assist them with paving their streets and connecting to city water. 

Aside from the installation of water mains in a small area of Grasmere very little else was done. 

According to Pintard, the effort includes a genuine partnership with GB Utility, whose General Manager (Ezekiel Hall) was on hand to affirm the company’s participation to bring the relief so desperately sought by residents. 

He stressed the potential dangers of not being on city water and pointed out some areas, where work could commence in short order.

Pintard told residents that tangible steps have already been taken toward the road and waterworks already, and that he fully expects to bring the relief residents’ need for roadwork and water lines will be achieved.

Residents in attendance expressed gratitude to Pintard for efforts made to signing on to city water once the lines were installed and playing a more meaningful role in assisting in securing paved roads.


Published Tuesday, March, 14, 2017

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