Pintard decries unauthorized ‘We Care Bahamas’ posters

Pintard decries unauthorized  ‘We Care Bahamas’ posters

The Bahamas 2017 General Elections are fast approaching and Free National Movement (FNM) ratified candidate for the Marco City constituency Michael C. Pintard recently became the target of a defamatory poster produced by organizers of ‘We Care Bahamas,’ which purports him to be everything the constituency needs to “bring the Magic back to Freeport.”


Five ‘Marco City Needs Mike Pintard’ Posters containing a photoshopped image of Pintard are circulating the Internet on various social media websites inclusive of Facebook and the ‘We Care Bahamas’ outlining the top six reasons why Marco City constituents should vote for the FNM candidate.


Currently, frenzied debate regarding the production of the posters has been brought to Pintard’s attention and that of his campaign team who’ve employed the investigative services of a computer forensics company into the matter as well as sponsors of the ‘Marco City Needs Mike Pintard’ Poster who are known only by their sobriquet ‘Bring the Good Times Back 2 Freeport Citizens Militia’ which is printed on colorful posters.


The Freeport News team contacted Pintard on the issue and the following statement was released, “The Marco City FNM Team that supports Michael Pintard read with interest the flier from ‘We Care Bahamas,’ an organization which we are not familiar and neither associated with that supposedly supports his candidacy.


“While the Marco City FNM Team agrees that Pintard is the best choice for the Marco City constituency, it is our goal to ensure that is it unequivocally clear that the flier was not produced by his team.


“Mr. Pintard does not see himself as a savior of Grand Bahama but a leader, who would work tirelessly with other committed residents and stakeholders in restoring our community and country.”


As it stands, the Marco City FNM Team believes the poster was created to cause political mischief and while Pintard is uncertain as to whether or not the ‘We Care Bahamas’ organizers and/or ‘Bring the Good Times Back 2 Freeport Citizens Militia’ produced are friend or foe of Pintard’s campaign, it remains clear that the poster does not communicate the FNM candidate’s message and it is not written in a manner he prefers, as it seems to put him in the line of fire.


Determined to serve the Marco City constituents and his fellow countrymen in a manner that is focused on empowering all Bahamians to succeed and arrive at their greatest potential, Pintard reiterated, “Neither I nor my team in Marco City and by extension the FNM produced, commissioned or endorsed the fliers entitled ‘Marco City Needs Mike Pintard.’


“On Saturday night it was brought to my attention that fliers were circulating endorsing me for Marco City, while launching attacks on several public figures.”


Acknowledging that he read the flier and read one more, Pintard said, he immediately became concerned and bothered on several levels. 


“While our Macro City team believes that I’m the best option for Marco City at this time, we are not arrogant enough to believe that this long established constituency, which has had numerous effective MPs, including Pleasant Bridgewater, needs me.


“I would, no doubt, be an asset to the community, but I am not its savior. The ‘magic’ will return to Freeport as we work in partnership with other stakeholders to dramatically improve the condition of our people who are suffering now.”


Pintard said he will lead a coalition of citizens and agencies to revitalize Marco City. “No one man, or party can do it alone. I’m grateful for the confidence the writer of the article placed in me (if it is genuine), but I prefer to be measured in what is promised.


“Secondly, our campaign in Marco City is not focused on attacking active and retired politicians, even if some of them continue.


“We are focused on our hurricane relief efforts, helping residents save their homes from repossession, pursuing employment for the unemployed, organizing community programs for young people and attracting residents who are interested in Backyard Farming.


“We are on the ground going door-to-door to share what the FNM and my team would bring to the community,” Pintard added.


“The owners of ‘We Care Bahamas’ may be friend rather than foe; therefore, I humbly request that you discontinue using my name and image alongside your continuous attacks.


“I wish to assure residents of Marco City that my singular focus is working with you to create the environment, where our families can thrive and enjoy wholesome and prosperous lives … hard work, partnerships and God will get us there.”


Pintard stated once more that he will work with all and sundry to deliver the best service to his constituency to improve the future of Grand Bahama and The Bahamas at large.


Published  Tuesday, February 14, 2017 

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