Parker-Edgecombe lone female nominated in GB

Free National Movement (FNM)?candidate for West Grand Bahama and Bimini, Pakesia Parker-Edgecombe and her family were covered with a prayer blessing as she arrived for nomination day exercises. (PHOTO:?SHARELL?LOCKHART)

The West Grand Bahama and Bimini Constituency pulsated with unbridled excitement on Thursday, April 20, 2017 as supporters of political candidates Pakesia Parker-Edgecombe Free National Movement (FNM), Obediah H. Wilchcombe Progressive Liberal Party (PLP), O’Brien W. Rolle Independent (IND) and Shane Faustin Bahamian Constitutional Party (BCP) participated in the traditional Nomination Day process.

Hundreds marched to the WGB Administrator’s Office outfitted in T-shirts representing their political party signature colors; FNM Candidate Parker-Edgecombe was the first to arrive pausing momentarily along with Min. Georgina Rolle to offer prayers and thanks to Christ Jesus before presenting her nomination credentials to Administrator Brenda Bullard-Colebrook.

“The tremendous support provided here today speaks to the volume of persons, who want the best for the West Grand Bahama and Bimini constituency; the Free National Movement is very encouraged with all that we are witnessing and we know that come Election Day, we will prove victorious,” declared Parker-Edgecombe, who also said, “Definitely, I appreciate all of my supporters who rose very early this morning, coming out of their beds in large numbers to bear witness to this Nomination Day process, as it has been a long time coming and this constituency has continuously cried out for representation that they could be proud of.

“Today, the constituents of West Grand Bahama and Bimini will have the best representation they are so deserving of and their confidence in my leadership to do just that simply speaks for itself.”

Throughout the Free National Movement’s campaign, the slogan “It’s the People’s Time,” continues to ring loud and true, declared Parker-Edgecombe, who wholeheartedly believes that the Bahamian people are doing exactly that which must be done to achieve success and quality representation that she maintains has been lacking over the past several years.

Flanked by family and supporters, Parker-Edgecombe expressed how happy she is to have such a dynamic team; additionally, she also shared her views in regards to being the only woman in the political race on the island of Grand Bahama.

“Certainly, I am very elated to be the “chosen female for Grand Bahama” therefore, I pause at this time to make an appeal to other women out there to give the political arena a chance especially as our voices need to be heard not only on Grand Bahama but throughout The Bahamas.

“We definitely have much to contribute to the future growth and development of The Bahamas and I truly believe that as more women come forward we will see a number of changes materialize in the policies and programs that we have here in our country.

“Again women have so much to contribute and while men have been in the political arena for a long time, we need not be intimidated by that and what it may seem to represent.

“As women and a people we need to come together to make our country better and I fervently believe the more women that come forward embracing this responsibility as well as sharing their views, insight and wisdom on behalf of our the Bahamian people the better this nation would become,” she said.

Offering a prayer of praise and thanksgiving unto God at the conclusion of Parker-Edgecombe’s nomination was Deacon Kevin Morris, New Mt. Olivet Baptist Church, who declared, “Lord, we ask your guidance, blessing and protection to reign in this upcoming General Election and that Pakesia Parker-Edgecombe, who has been called for such a time as this would be anointed for the task ahead and she comes out victorious; in Jesus Christ name, Amen.”

Independent political nominee O’Brien W. Rolle reported to the WGB Administrator’s Office at 9:45 a.m. adorned in a red robe and headdress carrying wooden staff to present his credentials to Administrator Bullard-Colebrook and although he was unaccompanied, he remained confident that victory at the poles would be his as the people’s representative.

“There are a lot of undecided voters who are completely tired of the same old, same old as far as the FNM and PLP is concerned.

“Personally, I wanted to put myself forth in the race because I believe I represent the change that is coming and in order for me to represent the people my name had to be on the nomination register.

“When people view the Parliamentary Channel the PLP representatives are cussing at the FNM representatives and vice versa; all they are doing is blaming each other for the problems the country finds itself in however, no one wants to take the blame and solve the problems The Bahamas is in.

“The truth of the matter is only God can solve our problems and as His servant I have stepped into this race because I realize that the turmoil the country is in is not just physical but spiritual.

“Certainly God is not going to let the devil win this one,” declared Rolle.

Opining that the Government has sold The Bahamas to a people whose religious views do not line up with Christ Jesus, the Savior of the Bahamian people, Rolle went on to state, “I recently traveled to Nassau, New Providence listening to the cries of the Bahamian people, who like me are not pleased with the number of shops that are popping up everywhere and a particular race of people are taking away all the jobs from the Bahamian people.

“Those people do not serve the same God as we do in The Bahamas, as a matter of fact, they believe in worshipping Buddha and the dragon, which represents the devil.

“The Bahamas has gone in bed with the devil and we need to repent and get back to God we are all going to perish.

“Prime Minister Perry Christie and Dr. Hubert Minnis cannot helps us, only Jesus Christ of Nazareth can; He has said in His word that it is not His will that any should perish but that we should come to repentance and until The Bahamas does so we will forever be going down.

“I believe once we repent, God will lift us up and I will be the change needed to help do just that.”

Declaring blessings over the remaining proceedings, Rolle left singing, “Fierce and long the battle rages, but The Bahamas help is near; onward comes the great Commander, cheer, my Bahamians, cheer!”

Immediately following the Independent candidate’s departure, Minister of Tourism and current Member of Parliament for West Grand Bahama and Bimini Wilchcombe proceeded to the Administrator’s Office with hundreds of supporters chanting, “Obie’s the man!”

Overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from family and friends alike, Wilchcombe presented his credentials to Administrator Bullard-Colebrook and once the process was complete, took a moment to thank all as well as reveal his plans for the constituency.

“There were so many who started this journey with me in 2000, who have passed on and I wanted to remember them this morning during a church service held ahead of taking to the street with supporters from Bimini to Hanna Hill, Eight Mile Rock to participate in the Nomination Day process.

“All of this reminds me of the important work I have ahead of me and that this is not a time for play as it is a serious time and we have much more work to do in this country.

“The Nomination Day process for me is a time to recommit myself to the ideals of the Progressive Liberal Party and those of this great nation, which is what I am focused on,” said Wilchcombe, who went on to state all what he plans to do for West Grand Bahama and Bimini constituents should he become victorious at the polls.

Confident that residents can see that there is a complete transformation occurring in the West Grand Bahama and Bimini constituency thanks to his hard work, Wilchcombe revealed, “The process of transformation has begun and Bimini is well on the way of becoming one of the most outstanding islands within the entire Caribbean.

“Grand Bahama, particularly West End, has labored for a long time and we have started a process whereby we expect many more things to happen, specifically, the creation of jobs for our people.

“Personally, I want to rid my constituency of unemployment and turn West End into a city in the same way it was done in Carmichael Road, New Providence.

“They took the entire Carmichael Road district and transformed it and that is what I want to do for the western district here on Grand Bahama allowing for economic opportunities to persist beginning with the opening of the West Grand Bahama Government Complex and the new Holmes Rock Junior High School.

“Many linkages can be expected to occur as a result and we have to cause more sporting activities to take place, as some of the greatest athletes in The Bahamas come from West Grand Bahama.”

Alluding to the state-of-the-art track facility that will be established at the new Holmes Rock Junior High School, Min. Wilchcombe stressed that more activities will come out of the West Grand Bahama and Bimini constituency boosting its growth and development as well as there will be more gymnasiums built should he be re-elected.

“You are going to see our athletes develop and no longer is the focus only going to be on Freeport, West Grand Bahama is going to be a city of gold and so will the island of Bimini hence we are inviting all to roll with gold.

“Additionally, I think we should stop and think about the General Elections being held on May 10, 2017 as it was a day men died for our country’s sovereignty and democracy.

“We certainly all should take this day seriously, move with our heads held high realizing that the world is always watching us and recognize that men gave their lives for all that we have today and that for me is important as we develop this country and educating those assembled here and others yet unborn,” Wilchcombe concluded.

Arriving at the Administrators Office just in the nick of time to offer himself for nomination was the Bahamian Constitutional Party political nominee Faustin, who was supported by his wife and several others.

Although few were present at the time, Faustin believes he will represent a positive change in the West Grand Bahama and Bimini constituency and prays residents of the community give their full support.

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