PLP incumbent confident he will be returned as Pineridge MP

Pineridge MP Dr. Michael Darville

Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) candidate for Pineridge, Dr. Michael Darville, Minister for Grand Bahama marched from his campaign headquarters, along with his wife and a large crowd of supporters to the Foster B. Pestaina Center on Thursday morning, to officially enter the running to be the next MP for that constituency.

Following a successful nomination, Darville exited the hall to loud cheers from supporters waiting outside.

“This feels beautiful, as you can see behind me, we have a bulk of Pineridge in support of what I am doing and what I have been doing over the last five years. The residents of Pineridge are convinced that I should have a second term to complete what I have started,” Darville said.

Questioned if he is confident on being re-elected as MP for Pineridge, Darville responded, “I am fully confident; there is no question about it. We have gone from door-to-door and the response from residents, there is no doubt in my mind that I will be the next MP for Pineridge.

“The plans going forward are to build upon what we have started in the last term in office and to create more opportunities for young people, employment as well as entrepreneurial opportunities. While at the same time, focusing on our aggressive infrastructural agenda, to improve the quality of life for the residents of Grand Bahama.

“One of the things that this government has been working very hard on is to ensure that we provide adequate health care for residents from east to west Grand Bahama,” said Darville.

“In our next term in office we will begin to work more aggressively on our National Health Insurance Plan, to ensure that these essential services are provided for Bahamians, particularly Grand Bahamians to have access to these essential services and to improve their quality of life and their longevity.”

Speaking to the role the Ministry of Grand Bahama has played on the island over the past five years and his intention moving forward, in the ministry, Darville said, “The Ministry of Grand Bahama, we started it from scratch. I remember when we came into office it was the Permanent Secretary, a 52 week worker and myself. If you go and look to see what the Ministry of Grand Bahama has done, it is quite an awesome accomplishment. The Prime Minister (Perry Christie) in his wisdom ensured that the people of Grand Bahama had full representation around the Cabinet table.

“One of the things was that when we started the ministry, we had a lot of criticism from the side opposite. I am so pleased to hear that they intend to keep the Ministry of Grand Bahama; so the Ministry of Grand Bahama has planted such deep roots that there will be no political organization that will ever be able to uproot it again in the future,” Darville added.

“I am pleased with our accomplishment, our work speaks for itself; just look around the island and you will begin to see that we have worked night and day to really plant some deep roots in the island of Grand Bahama and to ensure that the residents have true representation around the Cabinet table.

“We have a strong support base, solid as a rock. Our young people understand that despite the affects of youth unemployment, the PLP is the one with the plan to give them opportunities and they are sticking with Dr. D,” stated Darville.

Questioned what Grand Bahamians can expect from the PLP moving on from the May 10 General Election, the incumbent candidate informed, “Come May 10, the people of Grand Bahama can expect a more structured and aggressive approach to begin to create job opportunities and employment on the island of Grand Bahama.

“What happened in the first five years was to lay a solid foundation. A lot of people do not understand, if you are a homeowner, and you lay a foundation, you cannot appreciate the structure until the vertical structure is up. The people of Grand Bahama will begin to see exactly what the PLP is about when we begin to advance our agenda in our second term in office.

“We are pleased with what we have accomplished in these tough economic times but in our next term in office, we will definitely be able to produce a solid foundation as well as the structure for our young people to benefit from opportunities on this island,” concluded Darville.

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