CIDA to facilitate discussions for economic development

The Cat Island Development Association of Grand Bahama (CIDA) will host a Business Breakfast Meeting on Saturday, January 28, 2017 beginning 8:30 a.m. at Pirates Cove, Taino Beach under the theme, “Think! Think! Think! Success starts with an idea… Be a Producer, Start your own Business!”


Emily Strachan-McKinney, CIDA Vice President revealed that the Business Breakfast Meeting is designed to promote business development, mentoring and networking among attendees to build a stronger economy through Bahamian business ownership.


“For the past year, the Cat Island Development Associat-ion started the business breakfast meeting based on the idea of empowering as many persons as possible to become business owners.


“The CIDA certainly believes each one of us can contribute to the economy of Grand Bahama and The Bahamas at large and, by doing so in a proper manner, the more financially stable the economy of this nation becomes.


“So many Bahamians are employees who can be compared to persons that have been given a fish as opposed to being taught how to fish so that we can feed ourselves, therefore the object of the business breakfast meeting is to develop a sound, economically empowered community through business ownership.


“Since hosting the business breakfast meeting, CIDA organizers have discovered that most Bahamians are not financially literate hence as a result of these meetings we have learned from a cadre of dynamic professionally, successful business owners how to create a business plan, managing a business, uncovering your niche market, efficiently using advertising/marketing tools and trade skills to assist with business growth,” Strachan-McKinney revealed.


Several attendees of the Cat Island Development Association of Grand Bahama (CIDA) Business Breakfast Meeting have started their own small business, which has the potential once properly managed to blossom into mega corporations employing hundreds throughout the country, therefore Strachan-McKinney encourages the entire Grand Bahama community specifically individuals interested in creating their own business, economic independence and a brand that would benefit the community to attend the upcoming meeting.


Additionally, the CIDA extends an invitation to members of the Long Islanders’ Association, Rum Cay & San Salvador Association, Crooked Island Association, Acklins Trade & Development Association and Ragged Island Cultural Heritage Association (RICHA) to attend the Business Breakfast Meeting and garner information that would assist in empowering their respective Family Island as well as develop new and brilliant businesses through entrepreneurship.


“The Cat Island Development Association of Grand Bahama has already begun developing a plan to start a Farmers’ & Bahamian Arts ‘n’ Craft Market whereby persons from these islands can create products utilizing indigenous raw materials unique to their Family Island home and have a venue to sell their wares.


“So far bringing the market to fruition has proven to be a bit laborious, however we are pushing through, as we truly believe in order to transform Grand Bahama, the Family Islands and our Bahamian people from the young to middle aged and retired senior citizens ensuring everyone enjoys a better quality of life and entrepreneurial empowerment we have to be bold and create the avenue to success for ourselves.


“Promoting business development through professional mentorship, training and networking together would only make us all stronger, hence we have to establish a lucrative environment for that seed to be sown and grow.


“We have to take charge, think about the future of The Bahamas while, exercising our thoughts to blaze a trail to successfully start producing business owners by utilizing our ideas in a practical way for the benefit of our own empowerment.


“Definitely since the business breakfast meetings have begun we have seen tremendous growth and the wider community has already bought into the crux of this initiative and the CIDA hopes it can be a model that would be duplicated throughout this archipelago.


“We want our fellow Bahamians to learn to do for themselves and not rely so heavily on the Government and we also want the relevant authorities to support this initiative, as no longer can we afford to sit back and wait for them to initiate a program to help us,” declared Strachan-McKinney.


The Cat Island Development Association of Grand Bahama (CIDA) Business Breakfast Meeting coordinators extend sincere gratitude to David Wallace, Hugh Solomon, Kevin Tomlinson, Karen Rolle, Rashard Ahmad and many other business professionals and entrepreneurs for sharing their expertise that would continue to be used to empower Bahamians and help them become top quality, successful business owners.


“For more information regarding the Cat Island Development Association of Grand Bahama (CIDA), the upcoming Business Breakfast Meeting as well as other projects, programs and initiatives spearheaded by the organization please send an email to, or telephone 443-3164/443-7756 or visit Facebook at


Published  Thursday, January 26, 2017 


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