Bahamas Customs Department demonstrates humanitarian heart

Bahamas Customs Department in celebration of International Customs Day (Thursday, January 26) demonstrated its humanitarian heart by spearheading the Bartlett Hill Primary School (B.H.P.S) Campus Relocation Project on Monday, January 24, 2017.


Barry B. Morris, Customs Gr.1 Revenue Officer expressed elation on behalf of the department to give back to the community through relocation initiative and assisting in easing the strain placed on teachers, students and faculty, who had to adjust to a new schedule and temporary campus at Bethel Deliverance Church, Jones Town, Eight Mile Rock due to damages sustained to the school by Hurricane Matthew.


“Today, Customs Officers representing every department are spearheading the Bartlett Hill Primary School (B.H.P.S) Campus Relocation Project.


“The school campus was severely impacted structurally due to the passage of Hurricane Matthew just over three months ago and as we celebrate International Customs Day, which involves Customs agencies worldwide hosting employee appreciation events where officers are recognized for their exemplary service, Assistant Comptroller Sherrick Martin encouraged us to extend our humanitarian heart by engaging in a goodwill project to help those in need in the community.


“We decided to help B.H.P.S as the infrastructural damages to the school have been repaired and to help the teachers, students and faculty return to the campus so the normal learning process can begin.


“Hurricane Matthew has proven to be quite traumatic but the B.H.P.S family have fared well, so with the help of Wide World Forwarding Co. Ltd., the Ministry of Works and several others from the local community we are packing up all furniture on trucks and helping Principal Gia Walker and the teachers properly prepare and secure their classrooms at the newly repaired, original campus.


“It is definitely our pleasure to introduce the public to the humanitarian side of the officers whom they normally see at our country’s ports of entry maintaining order and collecting customs duty.


“We have a heart and this is just our way of demonstrating to all that we truly care about the community,” revealed Morris.


Excited to finally return to the B.H.P.S campus, teachers and students did their best to aid in the relocation process by securing furniture and educational material that needed to be handled with care.


Principal Walker thanked the Bahamas Customs Department officers for utilizing all the “man and woman power” necessary to execute the relocation process safely and allowing the students and wider community to view them in a more charitable light.


“We certainly are happy that the customs officers chose to help us return to the campus and get the ball rolling for us B.H.P.S teachers, students and faculty settle into a more productive routine as we have lost a lot of teaching days due to Hurricane Matthew.


“We thank them all as well as those who have loaned their assistance in this worthwhile endeavor including the management of Wide World Forwarding Co. Ltd., Bahama Rock Co. Ltd., and the Ministry of Works and Development.


“As the move is progressing the students will enjoy their last day here at Bethel Deliverance Church with a grand Fun-Day and once we return to school premises we will hit ground running in making up the lost time again, we thank everyone for their help especially the Bahamas Customs Department that plays a major role in this initiative.


“Furthermore, we look forward to creating a strong rapport with the Customs Department and introducing students to the various roles the officers have to play in the local community, which they too may be interested in in the not too distant future,” said Walker.


Published  Wednesday, January 25, 2017 

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