Anti-bullying message fun and informative

Elder LaQuez Williams of Jubilee Cathedral was the guest speaker

Walter Parker Primary School is spreading an anti-bullying message with a week of activities.  


The school hosted a special assembly for its Bully Free Week on Wednesday, February 15 at the school’s campus.


Jacqueline Pinder, principal of Walter Parker Primary shared the importance of celebrating being bully-free.  


Pinder said that the week was created as a response to the increasing level of violence in the country.


“Three years ago we saw the nation heading toward a crisis, as far as violence is concerned, and we decided as a school body to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem,” she said.


Pinder revealed that the school has had incidents of bullying in the past and they are determined to discourage this type of behavior.  


She added that they have put different strategies in place to teach the children positive attitudes and behaviors; therefore, throughout the week various activities were planned to encourage exercises like creative writing and poetry and rap exercises. 


“We have put in place a plan and organized strategies, where we can teach our children that if they are bullied what they should do,” she said.


Pinder noted that it is never too early to learn about bullying and how to prevent it, because, “we cannot pretend that it is not an issue within primary schools.”  


She added that throughout the week they will address issues of bullying, through different themes, including ‘how to be a friend;’ ‘how to be a peacemaker’ and ‘how to be forgiven.’  


“The theme for today is Walter Parker is a Bully Free Zone and how to be a friend,” she said. 

Pinder stressed the importance of getting parents involved in this initiative, so that the anti-bullying values could be reinforced at home. 


Guest speaker for the special assembly was Elder LaQuez Williams of Jubilee Cathedral, who she said has partnered with the school, to work with the at-risk students.


Williams told this daily that he appreciated the school’s efforts to deal with an ongoing issue in many schools. 


“I think it’s a great opportunity for the teachers and the administration to confront the issues that exist within the school system,” he said.  


Williams noted that it would help students not only deal with bullying, but help to prevent it altogether.


Two of the students shared their thoughts on the initiative.


Deputy Head Girl, Tahnaja Davis said that the way the message was shared was not only very informative, but entertaining.


Tasanee Edgecombe noted that the Bully Free Week gave support to victims of bullying.  


“I think it’s nice that we are having a bully free week to let children know that if they are being bullied, people are there that they can trust and they can tell about it,” she said. 


She admitted to this daily that she has also experienced bullying in the past. 


Published  Friday, February 17, 2017 

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