MDEKM set to host Educational Expo 2017

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Kenneth A. Miller, pastor of Modern Day Exodus Kingdom Ministries (MDEKM) has embarked on an initiative to assist young persons throughout the Grand Bahama community reach their full potential. 

Committed to helping young people, Miller will host an Educational Expo this Saturday, March18 to further assist future generations to expand their horizons.

The Expo will be held at the MDEKM sanctuary, which is located at #1 Lea Fran’s Plaza, Peach Tree Street adjacent to the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI), between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 pm.

Miller noted that access to education is indeed a gift that all should be afforded, regardless of their background. 

“After the ordination service, less than a month to be exact, we are seeing movement and advancement as the Lord has sent me forth.

“One of the major mandates that He had given to me, as pastor of the church, was to aid as many young people as possible to go back to school and also to aid as many young people to find employment,” said Miller, who was recently ordained as a pastor.

“In that vein we will host the ‘Getting Back on the Education Track Expo.’ The expo is free of charge and is for persons in Grades 11 and 12, persons who may not have finished high school, persons who never experienced college, old and young alike; everyone has an opportunity to go back to school. 

“We have invited all of the local colleges on the island to come and participate … an invitation has also been extended to the Ministry of Education’s Scholarship Department, as well as examination and assessment representatives that assist private candidates for the BGCSEs, BJCs and City and Guild examinations,” Miller disclosed.

He said that the event is geared to aiding and educating as many people as possible of the opportunities available to them as it relates to GED Programs, Associate and Bachelors Degrees. “We have even invited the illustrious University of The Bahamas (UB).

“God is on the move, we believe in Him to help as many young people as possible. We may not have all of the finances available to facilitate what we would want to do, but if we can all come together, in a unified agreement, we can educate our people, especially our young people.

“There may be some young person reading this article, about to make a decision about college, come out to the expo. All of the colleges on the island are available to you.”

The young pastor noted that a lot of the time people are not given the opportunities that they would want, “so the whole point of the expo is to expose opportunities, financial aids, avenues and everything of the like for those young people.” 

Miller said he is looking for individuals coming out and taking advantage of what is being offered.

“We want to ensure that everyone has time to register and we want them to come prepared. You may hear something and you may want to be spontaneous; we are encouraging persons to sign up on the spot register and move on faith. 

“Speak with the persons that will be on hand, this is an exercise where you may come, you hear everything, gain everything and you walk away with everything,” he noted.

“One of the biggest surprises is that Yorkshore Christian College that is led by pastor Sidney McIntosh, my spiritual father, will be at the Expo. There is a theological institute, available as well. Pastors, community leaders, those aspiring to get deeper in their relationship with God, can even sign up for theological school at the event. The possibilities are endless, because God has made it available to all of us to partake in.”

Miller noted that often times, persons become discouraged regarding circumstances in their lives, if opportunities do not present themselves, especially as they are unaware of what may be available for them. 

“It is very important for persons to take opportunities of their education for this one reason. A lot of times people come to church and we pray for them, but they go back home to the same situation. You are not working, you cannot feed your family and that is the devil will come in and try to demonically influence you, and to put thoughts in your head that your life is purposeless and that you are a failure. 

“If you educate yourself, along with the word of God and prayer, then those two will work together. You can even find employment; it will help you to gain the qualifications.” 

Miller thanked all the local partners and colleges that have committed to come on board, to aide in helping young people of Grand Bahama.

Persons interested in finding out more information on the Expo, or other local learning institutions interested in securing space for the event, can contact Miller at 478-4550 or email him at


Published Wednesday, March, 15, 2017

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