Young ladies celebrated at 29th Annual 20 Pearls Fashionetta

Ninth Grade Pearls along with 20 Pearls Chairperson

Pi Upsilon Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. celebrated its 29th Anniversary of its signature program Twenty Pearls, “A Salute to Excellence”  at the Regency Theatre on April 9, 2017, under the theme ‘Powerful Dreams Inspire Powerful Actions.’


For the last 29 years, the ladies of Pi Upsilon Omega Chapter have hosted the Twenty Pearls program, a Character Developmental Program that involves young ladies in Grades 9 to 12 that possess high scholastic and moral standards from 10 of the local high schools on the island.


The culminating exercise entitled the ‘Fashionetta®’ highlights the talents of the young ladies and beautiful evening gowns while being officially presented to society. The evening began with an opening step choreographed by local dancer, Colette Parker. 


The ladies then proceeded to introduce themselves to the audience. After the introductions they displayed their talents to the audience in the form of songs, dance, drama, musical instruments and selections on the piano. 


The final segment showcased the beautiful cocktail dresses and evening gowns of all of the pearls.


The co-hosts of the evening Donovan Bowe and Kerel Pinder, who did an excellent job in engaging the audience in an exciting evening.


At the conclusion of the evening, pearls from each grade level were rewarded for their outstanding involvement with the program over the past year. The young ladies were educated on various topics throughout the year. 


Their participation in weekly meetings, attendance and involvement in community service, fundraisers, special events and leadership seminars determined to a great extent which of the young ladies were rewarded at the end of the evening.


The sorority was able to award over $16,000 in scholarships to the winners of the evening. 


Below is a list of the  night’s winners: 


Best Talent 9th Grade - Jordyn Morley, BMES


Best Talent 9th Grade Runner-up- Chrishell Pinder, BMES


Best Talent 10th Grade – Deazure Nicolls, BMES


Best Talent 10th Grade Runner- up-Novelet Rolle, BMES


Best Talent 11th Grade – Ebony Maycock, 


Best Talent 11th Grade Runner- up- Tonae Farquahson, Mary Star


Best Talent 12th Grade – Jalecia Strachan, St. Georges


Best Talent 12th Grade Runner- up- LaKeisa Saunders, BMES

Most Poised Pearl – Charde Adderley, Mary, Star


Logo Competition Winner – Pateva Curtis- BMES


Essay Competition 9th Grade- Hannah Burton, Sunland


Essay Competition Runner-up 9th Grade- Chrishell Pinder, BMES


Essay Competition 10th Grade- Deazure Nicolls, BMES


Essay Competition Runner-up 10th Grade- Vashtinique Pickstock, BMES


Essay Competition Winner 11th - Viore Bosfield, St. Paul’s


Essay Competition Runner-up 11th Grade-Delvonae Beckles, St. Paul’s


Speech Competition Winner 12th Grade – Gabrielle Edwards, BMES


Speech Competition Runner-up 12th Grade- Jalecia Strachan, 

St. Georges


Highest G.P.A. 9th Grade- Aaliyah Allen, BMES


Highest G.P.A. 10th Grade- Aiyanna Ferguson, St. Paul’s


Highest G.P.A. 11th Grade- Razhena Arthur, BMES


Highest G.P.A. * Sylvia Lawrence Award 12th Grade - Gabrielle Edwards, BMEs

Stephanie Martin-Morley Leadership Award – Jalecia Strachan, St. Georges

President’s Award- Gabrielle Edwards, BMES


Overall Winners

Most Outstanding 9th grade Pearl - Aaliyah Allen, BMES


Honorable Mention 9th Grade -Chrishell Pinder, BMES


Most Outstanding 10th Grade Pearl- Aiyanna Ferguson, St. Paul’s


Honorable Mention 10th Grade- Deazure Nicolls, BMES


Most Outstanding 11th Grade Pearl- Charde Adderley, Mary Star


Honorable Mention 11th Grade- Tonae Farquahson, Mary Star


Honorable Mention 12th Grade- Nikeitra Barbes, BMES


Twenty Pearls Fashionetta Queen for the 2016-2017- Kristen Rolle, GB Academy


Young ladies entering the 9th Grade that hold a G.P.A. of 3.0 and higher should contact their school’s Guidance Counselor or email  for more information about entering the program next year.


Published  Wednesday, April 19, 2017 


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