Visiting couple donates shoe that grows to primary school students

Canadian couple

Two Canadian visitors in partnership with ‘The Shoe that Grows’ initiative recently donated several pairs of shoes to students of Freeport Primary School. 


One half of the duo, Charlena Crawford, spoke to The Freeport News about the presentation of some 15 shoes and the charitable organization.


“We’re here to deliver some shoes to children who many need them,” she said, explaining that the shoes grow up to five sizes, because of extendable features.  She revealed that they purchased some of the shoes to bring to The Bahamas, on her and her husband, David Crawford’s, sailboat. 


“We have our own sailboat and right now we’re staying at the Grand Bahama Yacht Club,” she noted.


Crawford disclosed that this is their first time in The Bahamas and they got in contact with the school with the help of the Yacht Club’s front desk clerk, Tasha Rolle.  


She added that they hope to visit more countries in the next five years to donate more shoes.  


Tammy Elliott, Vice Principal of Freeport Primary School expressed her gratitude to the visitors for their donation.


“I just want to thank the persons who donated, shoes are something that we can always use,” she said.


Elliott added that it was a pleasure to receive a different type of donation and it would go a long way. 


The Shoe that Grows is the first project of the Because International Organization, which was founded in 2009. After college at Northwest Nazarene University in his hometown of Nampa, Idaho, Kenton Lee traveled the world to gain perspective and see firsthand the issues happening in developing countries.  


According to the organization’s official website, while working and living at an orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya in Eastern Africa, Lee saw a little girl in a white dress walking next to him.  He was shocked at how small her shoes were and this led to an idea to create a shoe that could adjust and expand.

When Lee returned to Idaho, he and some friends worked on the idea of a growing shoe.  But they also thought it would be great to work on other projects for other issues, too.  


In April 2009 Because International officially became a non-profit organization. The first project – The Shoe that Grows, this project came to fruition in the Fall of 2014. 


Published  Tuesday, April 18, 2017 

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