Valentine’s Marriage Breakfast Seminar reminds couples of the meaning of true love

Couples came together last month for the First  Valentine’s Marriage Breakfast Seminar

Billy and Rochelle Dickenson embarked on an initiative last month to rekindle the love, which they share for each other and invited other married couples to do the same, during their Valentine’s Marriage Breakfast Seminar. 


The event, which was held at the Rand Nature Center on February 18, afforded couples to join in fellowship with others and hear from councilors on the importance of marriage and fidelity. 


Held under the theme, ‘Gardening your Marriage,’ the event was well attended, the organizing couple agreed.  


Speakers Apostle Ken and Estelle Strachan shared words of encouragement, aptly referencing the Garden of Eden in their address.  “In the beginning of time, the garden was beautiful because it was created by God. In that garden was a serpent whose sole intent was to bring about sin, which will cause death.


“In our marriages that represent a garden, we must kill the weeds, bugs, slugs, things that will kill a marriage and stop it from blooming and becoming everything that God intended it to be.”


The couple went on to describe some factors that can result in a failed marriage are lack of intimacy, lack of communication, anger, violence, rage, disrespect to your significant other and being inconsiderate. “To sum it up, not showing love towards one another. “Marriage is a good thing; it should be cherished, honoured and not taken lightly. There are people who are looking at your marriage as an example; therefore, be a good example. 


“Without God a marriage cannot function at its best. It is a Holy union, a covenant between God, man and wife. In these difficult times a marriage can be kept by the power of God and the sacrifice that one is willing to make in prayer, submission, honor, love and respect for their spouse.” 


The power couple advised those in attendance not to be selfish and highly esteem the other, seeking to do whatever it takes to make their marriages successful. 


“If you are divorced and have since remarried, do not make your spouse pay for what your ex husband or wife did; make new memories for yourself by forgetting and forgiving the past and moving on into a brand-new future. Make your marriage one that will blossom and grow so the next generation can follow.” 


Dr. Elvis and Stephanie Burrows also shared enriching words of encouragement such as having a strategy to repair and resolve conflicts in marriage. They also answered many questions and concerns from the couples during the question and answer segment of the event. 


Many of the attendees left enthusiastic and inspired, eager to attend the ready to ‘Gardening Your Marriage 2017.’ 


Attendees Precious Robertson noted, “The First Valentine’s Marriage Breakfast Seminar was indeed a rejuvenating experience. From the moment we walked in, we could tell that it would definitely be a memorable experience. For the first time, there were was an event for married couples to not only enjoy, but also learn from. 


“The seminar not only fed the physical, but it fed the emotional and most importantly the spiritual being, which is the very center for a successful marriage. The seminar offered presentations from some of the best speakers on the topic. It allowed for back and forth information sharing. We left feeling refreshed and we thank Mr. And Mrs. Dickenson, and we look forward to next year.”


Couple, Charles and Joyce Charlton added, “Enlightening, enriching and refreshing are just a few words to describe the Marriage Breakfast Seminar. We were challenged as a couple to continue to move closer to God, which automatically moves us closer to each other. We cannot wait for the 2018 event.” 


Organizers, Billy and Rochelle Dickenson, noted following the highly successful seminar, “Our First Valentine’s Marriage Breakfast Seminar was deemed a great success and we could not have had such a successful Marriage Breakfast Seminar without the support of the attendees and presenters.  


“Therefore, we would like to say a huge thank you to Apostle Ken and Estelle Strachan, Dr. Elvis and Stephanie Burrows, Shelly Shepherd, Minister Jennifer Stuart, Pam Knowles, Villiante Grant Graphics, T’s Perfume, Cappuccino’s Restaurant, Pelican Bay, The Grill, MaryAnn’s, Perfume De Paris, Elegant Occasion, Choices, Choclatess, Trevor Edgecombe, Bishop Godfrey Williams, to all our friends and family and all of our couples who came from far and near to participate. 


“It is our hope that this seminar has helped to plant a seed in the lives of many married couples and provide them with some of the tools to help nurture their relationship so it can maintain and blossom into a healthy marriage that will last a lifetime.”


Published  Wednesday, March 29, 2017 


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