Students exposed to multiple career opportunities

Dannique Kemp

Sunland Baptist Academy (SBA) Guidance Counseling and Vocational Education Departments held its First Career Fair Explosion on Tuesday, February 21 under the theme, ‘Introducing and Exposing High School Students to Numerous Career Paths and Opportunities.’


Dannique Kemp, SBA Guidance Counselor revealed that the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has designated February, as Career and Technical Vocational Studies Month; hence a collaborative was struck with SBA Vocational Education Department teachers to expose all junior and senior high school students to various career opportunities available within the Grand Bahama community.


“Today, the Guidance Counseling and Vocational Education Departments of Sunland Baptist Academy are proud to host its First Career Fair Explosion.


“High school-aged students from seventh through 12th grades will be introduced and exposed to numerous businesses and career paths during the fair,” Kemp explained.


“Indeed, it is one of SBA’s goals to ensure we not only prepare our students to pursue their tertiary studies with excellence, but also provide necessary information each pupil needs to be cognizant of all opportunities available from an educational, vocational and technical standpoint to thereby walk along the career path/profession of their choice.


“Personally, I have contacted over 13 businesses asking each one to partner with SBA in this educational venture, by participating in the Career Fair and thus promoting multiple job opportunities available at their establishment and the college education and training needed to be a success.”


She noted that executives of Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI), Freeport Container Port Co., Grand Bahama Health Services (GBHS), PharmaChem Technologies Co., Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF), Martin Marietta Aggregates and Heavy Building Materials Co., (Bahama Rock), Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA), Architect & Engineers Inc., Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF), Grand Bahama Power Co., Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MOE), Global Tech Systems Ltd., Beauticians, Barbers and Entrepreneurs Association, Grand Bahama Shipyard Co., Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas (BCB/ZNS), NuDo’s Salon, Public Hospitals Authority (PHA), Something Sweet Pastries and Cakes Fast Track Management and Marvelous Cuts all participated in the Career Fair, introducing and exposing the students to the various career paths they can pursue.


Commitment to education, hard work and discipline are the key components necessary for the SBA students to achieve success in their pursuit of an exciting career locally and internationally, noted Kemp.


She informed the wide-eyed pupils that no matter the career path pursued, every well-organized business thrives based on the talents of people working in various departments together thus growing successfully.


An undeniable commonality among all the aforementioned businesses and representatives rang true throughout the Career Fair and that is that each student must begin making the right choices now to become the great professionals, entrepreneurs and world changers in the not too distant future.


Kemp along with each teacher in the SBA Vocational Education Department agreed that none of pupils could afford to take the Career Fair for granted, as surely they would sabotage their potential success.


Myrton King, SBA Principal noted that each student must make a commitment to be responsible and dedicated to learning, always growing as well as embracing new opportunities once access to such paths are made available.


She applauded all the business representatives for responding to the invitation extended by SBA’s Guidance Counseling and Vocational Education Departments and hopes that next year’s Career Fair Explosion will be even bigger and better with the support of corporate Grand Bahama.


“Oftentimes school administrators and parents work to the point of sheer exhaustion just to ensure our students receive an internship at any one of the businesses represented today. Not only for the experience, but to utilize that ‘on the job training’ to discover and ignite a passion within them as to exactly what career path they should pursue.


“Thankfully, this Career Fair Explosion at SBA took some of the headache out of the entire process by allowing our students, from as early as the seventh grade, to not only be introduced and exposed to the numerous career paths and opportunities available locally, nationally and internationally, but also witness firsthand how they can utilize their natural talents along with pursuit of higher education to successfully fill career and service voids in our community,” said King.


“Business representatives have clearly explained and demonstrated all that they do to improve our society and through their candor, students now have an idea of all that they in turn need to do to pursue the career path that is right for them.


“Students were also equipped with a little insight on how they to can become entrepreneurs and start their own business and employ others,” added the principal.


“Commendations are extended to guidance counselor Kemp, all Vocational Education/Course Subjects Department teachers for working together to put off this excellent and informative Career Fair.


“Definitely, it has allowed students as well as educators to see these professions in a new and more dynamic light and it helps our students begin to set their footing along the right path in pursuit of their goals and dreams,” King declared.


Kyle Miller, a Grade 11 student noted he along with his peers were indeed happy to be introduced and exposed to the various career opportunities that are available within the community.


He added that although events of this magnitude are generally conducted for senior high school students, it is good to have the juniors participating so they too can begin, now, to discover who they want to be and the career field they would like to pursue.


He also noted that what stood out most is the fact that while young persons may shy away from becoming a Royal Bahamas Police Force or Royal Bahamas Defence Force officer as they might not want to be on the frontlines, they can work in other departments like the K-9 Unit, Forensics, Computer Information and Programming or develop their own private consultancy firm to provide training for any area within law enforcement to ensure it operates efficiently and effectively.


Published  Wednesday, February 22, 2017


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