Rotarians get vital information courtesy of special guest speakers

BTC’s Vice President of the Northern District

The Rotary Club of Grand Bahama Sunrise welcomed two special guest speakers – Mick Holding, president of the GB Chamber of Commerce and Eldri Ferguson-Mackey, Vice President for the Northern District for BTC – recently, during its weekly meetings.


During his presentation, Holding thanked the Rotary Club of Grand Bahama Sunrise and president Felix Bowe for the invitation to speak with Rotarians. He noted that the new vision for the Chamber is to move forward and ensure Grand Bahama is positioned in the right way for growth.


Holding said that they will continue talks with major players, including the Grand Bahama Port Authority, Ministry for Grand Bahama, VAT office, Customs and Department of Immigration to ensure that all parties are on “one page” for the betterment of Freeport.


He noted that the Chamber is also aggressively ensuring that membership grows continually, as executives are committed to going after all of the businesses and business owners in Grand Bahama. 


Holding said, this will not only help the Chamber, but grow support for the organization.


Ferguson-Mackey noted how grateful she was for the opportunity to speak with Rotarians on BTC’s upcoming upgrades in services for Freeport. 


She said that BTC has been long ready for competition from day one. “BTC was the first one on the ground after the devastation left behind as a result of Hurricane Matthew and we were ready to restore service on day one.”


Ferguson-Mackey also introduced her management team here on Grand Bahama, noting that they are committed to providing top customer service, “and we will be held accountable.”


She thanked Bowe for the opportunity and she looks forward to returning to the club soon.


Published  Friday, March 10, 2017 


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