ROYO continuing its mission of teaching boys to become men

Reach Out Youth Organization (ROYO) will celebrate its 10th Annual Boys to Men Youth Conference on Saturday

Reach Out Youth Organization (ROYO) will celebrate its 10th Annual Boys to Men Youth Conference on Saturday, February 11 beginning 10:00 a.m. at Calvary Temple Church, Clive Avenue under the theme, “Stand: It’s Your Time to Shine.”


Dudley Seide, ROYO Founder and Conference Host invites all fathers, clergymen, youth mentors, educators and businessmen to attend the Boys to Men Youth Conference along with their sons, brothers, nephews, cousins, mentees and neighbors as opposed to simply sending them.


Orchestrated to help at-risk youth engage in positive activities, curb negative behaviors as well as make sound choices, Seide revealed the conference has provided the necessary tools to improve their lives.


“Today is indeed blessed as ROYO prepares to celebrate its tenth year of hosting the Boys to Men Youth Conference.


“Most organizations begin a conference with the hopes of it lasting for years unfortunately; however, their operations shutdown after two to four years therefore, the Boys to Men Youth Conference making it to a decade is rare and that alone is an accomplishment worth celebrating.


“The Boys to Men Conference will highlight the amazing work of the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) throughout the Grand Bahama community especially as it relates to developing a rapport with at-risk youth and assisting ROYO in guiding troubled young men and women along the right path.


“RBPF Senior Assistant Commissioner Emrick Seymour and the Urban Renewal Community Policing Team, Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU), Criminal Detective Unit (CDU) work hard to protect the citizenry of The Bahamas and ROYO extends heartfelt thanks and appreciation to every officer for all they do.


“Furthermore, we would also like to extend gratitude to our partners and supporters for all that they have done and continue to do help assist ROYO in steering our young men along the right path thereby transforming hundreds of lives over the past decade,” declared Seide.


Minister of Tourism and Member of Parliament for West Grand Bahama and Bimini Obediah Wilchcombe will serve as the keynote speaker at the 10th Annual Boys to Men Youth Conference addressing attendees on the topic “Stand: It’s Your Time to Shine.”


Dispelling any notion that Wilchcombe was chosen to give the keynote address due to a political agenda, Seide noted that the Tourism Minister achieved many remarkable and historic strides in youth development in The Bahamas inclusive of ensuring that the first regulation basketball wooden floor court was installed to provide boys and girls alike interested in the game to utilize proper equipment.


Furthermore, Seide revealed that Wilchcombe was the first to introduce game rings to the Bahamas, which has helped attract many wayward youth to become engrossed in sports, therefore that is the reason he was chosen to speak into the lives of the young boys and men expected to attend the conference.


“Minister Wilchcombe has done a lot to support youth development through sports and he continues to provide assistance to ROYO therefore in addition to addressing conference attendees he will be honored by the organization for his remarkable efforts.


“We are making a special appeal to all parents, particularly single mothers with troubled sons to ensure they attend also we urge male family members, leaders and friends to come out and participate in the conference, as too many times the only men our children see are the ones on the streets (typically involved in negative activities).


“Schools across the length and breadth of Grand Bahama from primary to tertiary are urged to let their students attended and be a part of this dynamic conference.


“Furthermore, I would like to thank the 10th Annual Boys to Men Youth Conference Gold sponsor R.H. Culmer and Jarrol Investments Ltd., as well as Silver sponsors PharmaChem Technologies Ltd., FOCOL, FES construction Co. Ltd., Caribbean Bottling Co. Ltd. (Coca-Cola), Bradford Marine, the Grand Bahama Port Authority and Dr. Dow and Cindy Warner Sons of Salvation Christian Missionaries and River Center Church (Mission), Pierre, South Dakota and other donors, volunteers and supporters working behind the scenes to make ROYO, the conference and all other initiatives a success,” Seide declared.


Published  Wednesday, February 8, 2017 


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