Positive outlook for Rangers’ program

A group of new recruits working towards being installed as Royal Bahamas Defense Force Rangers

Ranger recruits of the Royal Bahamas Defense Force Northern Command took part in an overnight Hike and Water Survival Training Program this past weekend. 


The exercise was part of the activities that new recruits must partake of to be installed as new members.


Prior to the hike, The Freeport News was informed of the particulars.


According to Leading Seaman Michael Wring, Officer in Charge of the Rangers program on Grand Bahama, the students had planned for them a seven-mile overnight  hike to Barbary Beach.


 “While on the hike they are expected to demonstrate their knowledge of the Defense Force Rangers Program Core Concepts and Values as well as 10 knots, and their meanings plus the Ranger Pledge and motto along with outdoor survival and safety techniques that include camping, identifying fire hazards and first aid. 


“They will participate in team building exercises throughout the day and night in an effort to learn how to work together. Different persons will get a chance to take the lead to show how they perform under pressure. 


“There will also be a campfire discussion and during this time the girls are separated from the boys, whereby they will  have an opportunity to talk about things that are relevant to them. 


“They are young adolescents, so the topics will range from drugs to sex and gangs in an effort to see where their minds are at. We do that to give them some insight and guidance so that they can make better choices in life. The following morning we will hike back to the Yacht Club where they will participate in the water phase of the exercise and conduct a man overboard situation while outfitted with Personal Floatation Devices (PFD). 


“Following this we will let them know what we look forward to and encourage them to continue to come out to the practices because the next activity, is their installation that is tentative for May 20 of this year. This is their graduation where the Minister of National Security will be on hand to participate in the ceremony along with the Commodore of the Defense Force and other special invited guests,” informed Wring.


The Rangers Program started in 1995 with at-risk kids from C.H Reeves in Nassau. 


It teaches self-worth and national pride and has evolved from having only at-risk children to including high-achieving students with honors  from all over the country from both public and private institutions.


Published  Monday, February 27, 2017 

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