Lucaya Pilot Club sponsors fun day

 Students of the Beacon School were treated to a day of fun and games hosted by members of the Pilot Club of Lucaya on Saturday March 4.  (Photos by JENNEVA RUSSELL)

The Pilot Club of Lucaya treated 55 students of the Beacon School to a fun day this past Saturday afternoon, on the school’s campus on Frobisher Drive.  The afternoon was filled with educational and fun activities for the children.


The Freeport News spoke to Nicole Colebrooke, President 2016-2017 of the Pilot Club of Lucaya, who gave an insight to the day’s event. 


“The Pilot Club of Lucaya is a non-profit organization and our service initiative is brain related disorders, so we are here at the Beacon School just to give the parents a break and to entertain them, fellowship with them,” she said.


Colebrooke added that there were 15 Pilot Club members volunteering as well as 16 Anchor members, who are the youth arm of the Pilot Club of Lucaya.  They are high school students ranging from grades 10-12. 


She further stated that often children with special needs are neglected and so it was important to continue in the annual tradition.


Pilot International provided a grant to assist with the purchase of gift supplies and a bouncing castle. Pizza Hut provided food for the fun day. 


Colebrooke called for a greater awareness of those who need to be assisted.


“I want to encourage residents to be more aware of the Beacon School and to lend their time and efforts because the students appreciate it,” she said. 


Anitha Cooper, President-Elect of Pilot Club of Lucaya also spoke to this daily with a focus on the particular activities.


Giving information regarding brain health was a priority and activities also included aerobics, dance lessons, face painting sponsored by Cacique Creations and an Easter egg hunt. 


“We know that the children here at the Beacon School are always looking for an outlet where they can be themselves and have fun where they can interact with others” the president-elect said. 


Alyssa Cooper came from Montreal, Canada to volunteer to teach the dance and aerobics class.


“It feels extremely incredible to be a part of something so special. This initiative is especially close to my heart because I am currently doing research of leisure and cultural programs available to special needs students as a part of my Master’s Program in Education,” she informed Sharade Taylor, Music Teacher at the Beacon School told The Freeport News that he and the rest of the school’s faculty and students were happy to have the Pilot Club of Lucaya assist.


“This is a day in which we are actually giving the parents a break.  The parents really needed that chance to run errands and things of that nature,” he said.


Published Monday, March 6, 2017 

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